The Dacia Manifesto Concept Is A Cool Off-road Buggy Previewing Useful Features

The Manifesto doesn’t preview a future vehicle, but rather showcases some cool features that will make it to Dacia cars

Dacia, Renault’s affordable sub-brand, has taken the wraps off its latest concept, the Manifesto. It’s a cool-looking off-road buggy that will not make it to production. But what it does is preview some cool features which will make their way into future Dacia cars. 

Dacia’s statement reads, “Manifesto explores a connection to nature by being environmentally friendly, robust and by demonstrating usefulness in the outdoors.” And this point is validated by the fact that there are no doors, windshields or windows on the concept vehicle, thereby allowing its occupants to fully immerse in the outdoors. 

Fun Fact: The Manifesto boasts only one headlamp, which Dacia says is as powerful as two. And in case you don’t have any lights at your camping site, this headlamp doubles up as a torch light too. 


The Manifesto’s interior is minimalistic with a camouflage theme. There’s only a digital driver display, erm… displaying all the required information for the driver. But for infotainment purposes, you have to rely on your smartphone which can be mounted on the dashboard. The interior also has some cool and quirky features that will definitely come useful for your adventures. 

For instance, the seat covers can double up as sleeping bags while the battery is removable and can be used to power specific appliances. And in case you need to carry heavy appliances for your trip, the roof rails can be configured in various positions to load your necessities. Lastly, once your adventure is over, you can pressure wash the interior to keep it clean.

To ensure the Manifesto can clamber over all sorts of terrains, it comes equipped with four-wheel drive and what Dacia claims, a tough chassis. The tyres with chunky side walls also help its case, and they are airless, so you needn’t worry about a puncture. And last but not least, the Manifesto is eco-friendly as it’s built out of recyclable materials. 

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