Tibaldi for Bentley - Exclusively Fashioned writing instruments

Pen partner Tibaldi wins the 'Most Exciting Motorsport Pen' at Pen World's 17th Annual Readers' Choice Awards





Sheaffer, Mont Blanc, Pierre Cardin are among the finest writing instrument makers in the world. What makes them different from their competitors are their elegant designs and the minutest attention to detail, that makes any of their priviledged owners value them far beyond any ordinary pen.


But even the most exclusive writing instruments in the world achieve their dignitary status through some form of inspiration, that through their brilliant craftsmanship makes them much much more than mere limited edition stationary. 


The new range of Tibaldi For Bentley range of Roller and Fountain Pens are the epitome of class and exclusivity, which seeks its inspiration from two of the finest Bentley specimens ever manufactuerd by the British luxury performance car maker. 








Tibaldi for Bentley Mulsanne:

Inspired by the same roaring engines once accociated with the legendary straight and corner at the Le Mans circuit in France, the Tibaldi for Bentley Mulsanne was chosen by readers at the ‘Reader’ Choice awards that was presented in New York City and the complete list published in Pen World.


This particular range of Tibaldi pens is a dazzling representation of the car maker’s flagship model, which has played a key role in building the company’s unshakeable reputation globally.As interpreted by chic Italian pen maker, the Tibaldi for Bentley Mulsanne pens marry two traditions, two aesthetics. It employs the proportions and patented technologies of Tibaldi, with the forms and details prescribed by the cars they honour.  


Speaking about the process and challenges that went into creating these masterpieces, Giuseppe Aquila, Tibaldi CEO, said: “The greatest challenge when developing these extraordinary pens has been the production of the wood components, which were designed to match the interior of this outstanding new car.”


Available in three finishes with their caps and barrels accented in one of the three woods found in the cars themselves, the Tibaldi for Bentley Mulsanne range of pens is fashioned from precious metals, including versions in sterling silver and 18K rose gold. The sterling silver series will be limited to 90 fountain pens and 90 roller balls (per finish), while the solid 18k rose gold version will see just 9 fountain pens and 9 roller balls ( per finish).







Tibaldi for Bentley Supersports:

A Bentley that is an outright performer, the Continental Supersports as the company put its, may well be the “most extremet Bentley ever”. Having shattered the world land speed record on ice, this supercar for the 21st century embodies all that the Bentley brand has stood for since inception. 


And once again, Tibaldi has outdone itself with the creation of the Tibaldi for Bentley Supersports collection, that includes an entire range of fountain pens and roller balls that share materials and aesthetic details which are a mirror reflection of this uber ‘cool’ performer.




Through close collaboration between Bentley engineers and Robin Page’s (Head ofInterior Design)design team, Tibaldi was able to design a pen that encapsulated all the modern features of the Supersports model. 


In order to achieve this, designers turned to carbon fibre and solid titanuim trims, that are the same materials which enabled the Supersports to be both lighter and stronger.Limited to just 630 fountain pens and 630 roller balls, the Tibaldi for Bentley Supersports, the number of pieces manufactured corresponds with the horsepower of the actual Supersports car.

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