Lego unveils Batman Tumbler kit

Popular toy maker, Lego has unveiled its version of the Batman Tumbler that will be on sale from September 2014 onwards


Lego Batman Tumbler kit



The Tumbler from Chris Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is a Batmobile that we are sure every Batman fan would lust for and dreams of owning. However the harsh reality is that it will always remain a fantasy, just to the capabilities of the Tumbler shown in the film. But Batman aficionados don’t need to be disheartened as toy maker Lego has unveiled its version of the Tumbler kit which is pocket friendly and also doesn't even need a high security garage. 


The Lego kit of the Tumbler consists of 1,869 individual pieces and weighs just 2kg. The stealthy armoured vehicle sports adjustable wings, detailed interior and beefy rubber-tread racing tyres. In terms of dimensions, the Lego Tumbler kit is 40 cm long, 24 cm wide and 15 cm high. The biggest challenge faced by Lego in the kit car was to get the setting of the front suspension correct to hold the chunky wheels.



Batman and Joker Lego figurines




The Lego Tumbler will also be offered with Christian Bale-styled Batman and Heath Ledger-styled Joker miniature figurines. The Tumbler kit will be available from September 2014 onwards with a sticker price of about Rs 12,000. Although, the Lego Tumbler cannot pull off a ramp-less jump or blast through concrete walls but at least you'll have the satisfaction of building one with your own hands.