Enzo Ferrari 1:12 Kyosho model Review

We review the 1:12 version of one of the greatest Ferraris ever made, the 2002 Enzo Ferrari, named after the founder of what is possibly the greatest automobile company the world has ever seen.



1:12 2002 Enzo Ferrari Kyosho model Review front
There is no denying the fact that the Enzo Ferrari is one of the greatest cars ever made. Named after the founder, Enzo Ferrari, the Enzo was built in 2002 with Formula 1 technology like a carbonfibre body, carbon ceramic discs and a V12 engine. Seen here is possibly the best model car of the legendary Enzo ever made, a 1:12 version of the car made by Japanese model car manufacturer, Kyosho.
1:12 2002 Enzo Ferrari Kyosho model Review front

Although red is the most conventional colour for the Enzo, the one seen here in black looks way more aggressive and demonic than any other color. On the Kyosho version, as with most other 1:12 versions that the model maker makes, the wheels can be removed using a separate wrench to undo the centre bolt, displaying a detailed set of carbon ceramic brakes.

1:12 2002 Enzo Ferrari Kyosho model Review rear

On the exterior front, the well applied paint combined with the photoetched parts makes the Enzo really stand out. Details like the photoetched wipers, highly detailed headlamps and the working spoiler add up to a highly desirable model. The wheels, cast out of metal too, have smaller details like air valves. the exhaust pipes on the rear combined with the tail lamps too look great.





1:12 2002 Enzo Ferrari Kyosho model Review interior


On the interior front, the carbonfibre seats combined with the carbonfibre door cards are extremely highly detailed and showcase Kyosho’s extraordinary skill when it comes to making model cars. The steering wheel with its multiple functions also is well detailed in carbon along with the central console that comes with a 1:12 scale replica of the numbered and signed plaque that each car receives.


1:12 2002 Enzo Ferrari Kyosho model Review engine


Below the engine cover, there is still more carbon fibre to salivate on along with other details like working pushrod suspension and a highly detailed set of cables, hoses and wires. The 1:12 Enzo Ferrari from Kyosho is a great modelcar and an absolute must have for any serious collector.