Apple acquires Steering Wheel-Mounted Remote patent

The device looks very similar to the click wheel that became the ubiquitous iPod symbol in the early days of this century



Steering Wheel-Mounted Remote




Automakers are painstakingly working at developing new telematics systems that allow drivers to better control devices from their vehicle dashboards. But for those of us who own older cars, Apple may now have a quick fix solution, a remote control that can be mounted directly onto your steering wheel. 


Having recently acquired a patent for such a device, according to PatentlyApple (a website that tracks Apple patents) Apple filed its drawings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a device that looks very similar to the click wheel that became synonymous with the iPod media player in the early days of this century.


The click wheel appears to act as a remote for iPhones and iPods (and perhaps other devices), using Bluetooth or another pairing technology. Easily attachable to a vehicle steering wheel, it allows users to control their devices without taking their eyes off the road. 


The drawings are just suggestive of what the final device will look like but don’t be surprised if the final outcome looks substantially different. But the immediate benefits of a device offering such easy compatibility will be seen more in older cars without inbuilt high-tech infotainment packages. Its success in the aftermarket however will depend on its wider applications.