1:18 BMW M3 GTR E46: Model Review

We review a 1:18th scale masterpiece by Minichamps that should be a part of every serious collection






The BMW M3 is a timeless classic and a highly sought after automobile in every single generation so far. Although most claim that the E30, or the original M3 was the best of the M3s ever made, our vote would go to the brilliant E46 version made between 2000-2006. Although the M3 has a couple of different bodystyles and variants offered, the Mt GTR was most certainly the craziest of them all. Made for homologation purposes only, the M3 GTR was one of the most successful American LeMans Series cars in the early 2000s.



BMW M3 GTR E46 Minichamps side



Seen here is a 1:18th scale rendition of the M3 GTR made by diecast manufacturers Minichamps. The first thing that one notices about this particular car is its wide stance and striking paintjob. Minichamps has done real justice with this car by nailing its flared fenders and wide bodyshell along with its large rear spoiler and vented hood. Although originally, the cars were supposed to come with a carbonfibre roof, this one has a body colored roof that is slightly disappointing.



BMW M3 GTR E46 Minichamps rear



Minichamps though does fall a little flat with their overuse of tampo decals for things like the rear fender cooling vents and the lack of weight reduction holes in the rear bumper. The wheels too, although excellent in terms of their cast, are way too shiny and chromey for our liking.



BMW M3 GTR E46 Minichamps seats



Open the doors and all the criticisms fall short however. The interior of this model is extremely detailed. If you fancy tubes, hoses, metal or stickers, you'll find it all. The most impressive detail in my view is the dashboard. Every racing car has plenty of switches and Minichamps has gone through the trouble of molding all of them. The seat is made out of rubber with nylon inlets and safety-harness. If you look through the passenger door you can even see the exhaust routing running through the interior. The roll cage with its detailed front bars and rear cross bar too is extremely well molded and offers realism.



BMW M3 GTR E46 Minichamps engine



The engine bay too shines with details that will entice any serious collector. With carbonfibre and Kevlar found in abundance, the M3 GTR’s V8 engine is complimented by two huge air intake ducts and a whole bunch of BMW Power decaling. There are also several cooling pipes, hoses and other wiring that have been well replicated. The BMW M3 GTR is available at www.automania.co.in at a price of Rs 5,800.