General Motors India Introduces SMARTECH Engine

With newfound synergies and a strong agenda for the Indian market, General Motors India is now looking at capitalizing on this key market. The first of many surprises to come from the company is already here in the form of the SMARTECH engine


Standing as testimony on just how important the Indian market is to General Motors is the recently unveiled SMARTECH engine that has incidentally been locally developed at GM India's Technical Research Center in Bangalore and will be produced at the company's Talegaon facility. As of now, the 1.2 liter SMARTECH engine is set to power the Chevrolet Beat from next month onwards, however further applications cannot be ruled out.


The four cylinder, 1199cc SMARTECH engine features aluminum cylinder heads, deep skirt cylinder block and lightweight pistons with low tension rings, which decreases weight and therefore has a direct impact on maximizing fuel economy. The engine also features a DOHC valve-train with direct acting valve actuation to further improve the efficiency, a long runner plastic intake manifold for good low-end torque and lightweight counterbalanced crank shaft for improved NVH levels. Further to this, the SMARTECH engine boasts of a maintenance-free inverted tooth timing chain drive system. The chain links engage at a lower impact speed, which decreases the noise generated for quiet operation.



In terms of power output, the new engine is capable of generating 80.5PS @ 6200 rpm and a notable 108Nm of torque @ 4400 rpm. According to company data, this engine has great low end drivability and also offers a claimed mileage of 18.6 kilometers to the liter of petrol. ARAI is yet to announce the official mileage figures, however the company is bullish that this locally developed engine will surpass all standards.


Speaking about the new engine, Karl Slymm, President and Managing Director, General Motors India stated that the engine has been through an enormous amount of testing and validation. A number of innovative design changes have been implemented in order to make this engine an optimal performer in Indian conditions.  


The 1.2 liter SMARTECH engine delivers uncompromised power and durability which is ensured through the application of an epoxy coating on the cylinder block and anti corrosion coating on cam cover baffles, and the use of stainless steel core plugs and bay to bay ventilation. The engine has been tested for more than one million kilometers and in various climatic conditions and GM is bullish on the fact that this engine is truly tailor-made for the Indian market.


The company is now working on a diesel motor for the Beat as well and that should see the light of day by mid 2011.

Recommended Variant : Beat 1.2 LT

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