• Q. Which is a better vehicle amongst BRV, Creta and Marazzo?

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    Israr | 1 year ago

    If your seriously rich and dont care about the money then creta is a good car because its seriously overpriced and doesn't have good highspeed stability, on the other hand both brv and marrazo are seriously good cars both are mpv but here marrazo is better because it has more space and is more comfortable but a bit more expensive than brv and brv is a good car aswell specially its 1.5-litre vtec engine is seriously good and makes the car quick from 0-100 in 10 sec while marrazo does it in 13 sec but marrazo has more features than brv, brv gets push start and keyless entry but marrazo doesn't but still marrazo has an advantage over brv in features, and of you care about vehicle dynamics then creta has so much understeer while driving around the corner and lot of bodyroll and lacks steering precision and breaks are soggy aswell, Mahindra marrazo does understeer a lot, has really huge amount of bodyroll, but highspeed stability is good better than creta and breaks are better than creta atleast on highway speed, on the other hand brv's highspeed stability is great, bodyroll is there but not as much as creta or marrazo, steering feel and precision is great as well breaks are brilliant but let's be honest we don't buy this cars to drive around the corners or go fast so my verdict would be if you need fancy and featuristic car, good acceleration and don't mind spending nearly 18.3 lacs on a car that cant seat more than 5 passengers then go for creta but if you like driving and good acceleration, good handling and have to seat more than 6 passengers then brv is a great car do it but you don't mind handling and vehicle dynamics etc then marrazo is a serious car in my opinion if you're a family guy who needs a 7 seater and your budget is 17-18 lacs then go for marrazo, but if your budget is between 12-15 then go for brv wont be disappointed.I hope this helps

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    Krishna | 1 year ago

    Honda BRV

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Q. I have a budget of 14 lakh and family of 2 adults with 2 kids less then 10 years age. I shortlisted BRV and Creta but then i found disadvantages of both. So now trying to move to Sedan segment. We are heavy build family of 4 ( Healthy punjabis type height and body of avg 90 kgs and 6 feet ). I am only looking for automatic and 70% city drive and 30% high way drive. BRV CVT - Not selling like hot cake - Less premium more practical, extremely spacious. Side profile looks like mobilio and a little stretched from side but 7 seater I will get every feature if i spend 15 lakhs including touch screen and parking sensors seat covers and additional accessories . Nothings special inside the car though. Creta - Loaded with features - Automatic costing 16 lakh which is high - Petrol average is less then 10 in city & high on maintenance. Honda city - Low on average around 11 -12 in city & costing around 14 lakhs for CVT. Verna - Low in average for AT costing around 13 lakh. Ciaz - I heard that low ground clearance means lower body can touch the ground on bumps during fully loaded? Good on fuel efficiency and maintenance as well as features. But AT has 4 speed transmission. As I drive around 35 km daily mostly from home to office and office to home. Also length , width and turning radius is same so nothing to do with big car and small car. My gut says BRV but people says it will get discontinued due to poor sales like mobilio and you may not get good service, parts availability or no resale value as well. Hardly 500 cars gets sold every month across India. So looking at all this now I am kind of confused that should i go for Verna / Ciaz which are most selling? Where should I put my finger on based on my requirements. Marazzo and Ertiga are discarded and also cars like S-Cross / ford ecosports / breeza / wrv / amaze may be too small for us specially second row only two+ child can fit.

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