• Q. Whether Maruti Wagon R Auto Gear Shift is better than Maruti Wagon R manual version?

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    AGS is also known to be Auto Gear Shift transmission technology which is offered on the Maruti Cars with a similar mechanism as the AMT which is known to be Automatic manual Transmission. AMT transmission has exactly similar gear and clutch setup as seen in a manual transmission the difference being in a place of a gear lever and the clutch pedal inside the car cabin, which are manually operated by the user, the AMT transmission has a hydraulic actuator system mounted inside the engine which operates both. In simple terms in an AMT transmission, the driver has an option to drive the car in a manual transmission as well as the automatic transmission. In the Manual transmission, the Clutch control is under the driver's control and a driver manually change the gears according to the speed of the car so that the engine RPM is taken care off. In the AGS cars, the clutch pedal is not available in the car whereas in the Manual transmission the pedal is present.The AGS is versatile which allows the driver to have an option to drive in auto mode or in the manual mode whereas in the manual mode there is no other option available but to drive by shifting gears manually.

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    Tejas | 1 year ago

    If you love to drive go for manual otherwise automatic version is good.

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