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  • Q. I want to know about its mileage, road grip, top speed, suspension and how is overall experience - Ciaz?
    Mohit | 5 months ago

    I own a Ciaz VDI+ SHVS since 2016, the ride quality is awesome with very silent diesel engine. Have driven Ciaz to many places and the utmost thing I liked about this car is comfortable ride. No matter, whether I have driven for 200 Kms or 600 Kms in a day there is hardly any fatigue. It is a good car for regular city ride as well on highways it is the uber smooth. In order to arrive at the variant decision it depends upon many factors like distance in terms of Kms be driven on a daily basis. Like I used to commute for around 70 Kms on a daily basis so I found Diesel to be more efficient as till date I am getting mileage as 23.5 KMPL. So please decide accordingly. Also, I have placed and add to sell my vehicle as I intend to buy a diesel SUV. Please let me know if you are interested.

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  • Q. I have to travel 120 kms daily. I am thinking of buying Ciaz car. Which type of Ciaz Petrol/CNG/Diesel would give me best average and convenient?
    Ajay | 1 year ago

    Diesel is best for you as you travel a lot. Cng will make your car worst.

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    Maruti Ciaz
    Maruti Ciaz
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    4.3 /5
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    • 4.7

      Awesome at price tag below 12l.I like that smarthybrid tech.Awesome at price tag below 12l.I like that smarthybrid tech.Awesome at price tag below 12l.I like that smarthybrid tech.

    • 3.7

      Suspension is not good enough.Petrol range is showing incorrect and there is vast variation in it for about 10 km of ride the range came down to 82 from 184.

    • 4.7

      Good but my mileage is low as compared to what other people get, Good car in its segment, Internal spacing is very good

    • 4.8

      Superb car. Love to go on long drives.come with a spoiler.great mileage. Couldn't ask for more.hybrid too

    • 5.0

      Overall performance, Mileage, Style pickup, Colour, Design, Looks, Price, Affordability, Luxury, Comfort everything is ok

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    • 4.3

      Ciaz is not for car enthusiasts.It's a very comfortable car with a lot of legroom and 3 adults can sit comfortably in the rear seat as there isn't a big h**p in the middle.The cabin is very spacious and the beige treatment in the interior gives a good airy feel.The engine is very refined and has good amount of initial torque.But at the final range there isn't enough power output.The engine loves to rev a lot.I personally feel that msil could have given it a 6th gear.The clutch is super-duper light and shifting is so easy.It is an easy car to drive in the city as well as on highways.The steering is very light that it doesn't give any feel or feedback.The suspension is on the softer side and absorbs most of the bumps and potholes very well.There are few issues with the car, That is, There are panel gaps everywhere.Actually the panel gaps are big and the fit and finish isn't great.The quality levels could have been improved both in the interior as well as exterior.Overall the car suits your parents very well but it doesn't inspire the youngsters because ciaz is much of a comfort oriented car and not a sporty one.

    • 4.3

      As this is comfort oriented Sedan, all of its components incl. engine is tuned in such a way. Therefore don't expect any sort of performance. If you floor the throttle the sound of the engine becomes so loud that some wouldn't be liking it. But personally I like its sound when I floor it. Suspension in tuned in such a way that it offers maximum comfort at the cost of handling. Some defects in the vehicle that I found was poor quality of plastics used and the sound from the speakers are below average that you couldn't increase the volume because the rattling all around the cabin is obnoxious

    • 3.3

      This car is a cool sedan you will get a feel of seating in a lap of luxury just like any other premium brand. The sole reason I am disappointed is its super soft suspension that gets pressed if we have rear passengers affecting the ground clearance, this vehicle I own is being tested @140kmph and have found it severing while at that top notch that means Suzuki has lacked some aerodynamics too. The worst part which now is being cured in the updated model is its headlight in my model it's ridiculous. By the way I own a ZXI+

    • 2.0

      First of all petrol mileage is nowhere near what was promised!! Despite talk claims of smart hybrid. Looks cosmetic with no real value addition. Infotainment is a disaster on 2 accounts 1) They sold a chip for 10k which is supposed to be a GPS along with car. It is totally useless. We can enter only the addresses stored therein. You can"t enter any address which you need to go. Most of the important streets, locations are not even stored in that. May be only New Delhi NCR is mapped. Why then they are selling cars in Chennai and south? 2) First we were told infotainment radio and music features can be controlled by using mobile as remote by downloading an app. After car was bought we were told there is no app which can connect music radio in the car. The lack of this in a premium car is disappointing. Other premium cars have it. They charge Rs 13 lakhs. But these basic features absent.K

    • 4.3

      Good leg space , boot space , smooth and comfortable while driving . Mileage on highways 18 km/ltr unlike they promised and very poor on cities . You get a pleasant drive if 2-3 people sitting . If 4-5 people sitting or if you have extra load inside boot then car lags much and wont give you a smooth drive especially with those suspensions which act good with less load but when load is heavy then giving poor performance . I owns a petrol automatic variant .

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