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  • Q. Which is better Dzire petrol or diesel?
    Navneet | 8 months ago

    So if you like to drive a lot and traffic, city drives doesn't bother you, then go for Manual gear transmission diesel. If you don't drive a lot and traffic driving gives you stress go for petrol and automatic transmission (AMT). Petrol and Diesel fuel prices are almost same but you pay more for diesel car variant. but if you take a test drive you will feel the difference of power and grunt, more torque and less gear shift in diesel engine as compared to a petrol engine. I have already done 1.25k KMs in 5.5 years with my Dzire and never had any problems, with regular servicing and tyre change that too was done at 66000 KMs, next tire change is expected in next 2-3 thousand KMs.One more catch is that diesel cars have a 10years life with in Delhi NCR but if you drive a lot on highways and long routes it is better to go for Diesel for sure.

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  • Q. Dzire available in cng?
    Parshuram | 5 months ago

    Probably , not available. Better to contact the authorized Maruti Dealer and have rightest information. P .Gautampurkar

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  • Q. Which car is suitable for me as my monthly running around 2400 Km. - Swift Dzire?
    Kumar | 1 year ago

    Your daily running comes around 80 kilometres so we suggest you to go for the diesel variant in the Maruti Suzuki Dzire. The middle specification VDI is a good one and offers high reliability, good Highway performance, and best fuel efficiency in the segment. It maintains cost is also low and being a Maruti, you rest assured about the availability of spares for years.

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  • Q. I'm totally confused between the Manual and Automatic & petrol and diesel? Which is best - Swift Dzire?
    Parshuram | 1 year ago

    Based on my own experience, I am of the firm view that petrol powered vehicles are better than diesel ones. Diesel vehicles after just a few years of purchase, start needing frequent maintenance and repairs too, as these get quick dirty and chocked at one or the other places of engine and other engine operating parts . Noice and vibration of noticeable degree on high speed are the more minus points. Manual system is better for the present and would continue preferable for more years to come Automatic gear system may be considered for city`s plain terrain. Since it`s a ,new / recent launch , it may prove or may not be proved fully dependable or to say trustworthy , while the vehicle is to be driven on hilly terrain on longer journey. If need be company`s experts may be consulted. Parshuram Gautampurkar

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  • Q. In both cars Honda Amaze or Swift Dzire which car is best in diesel version?
    Jo | 2 months ago

    Amaze is better for excellant design Honda brand value safety rating better than dezire and a good diesel engine with CVT in automatic variant.Dezire has good mileage but safety and less road grip makes it the second choice.also automatic is an Auto gear shift ..CVT is better.

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  • Q. Can we fit CNG along with petrol - Swift Dzire?
    Sahil | 1 month ago

    Yes cng also fet in dzire but if you are fet in your car cng your car engine have low power see for petrol version because petrol version also gud for cng and diesel but why are you fit the cng in your car dzire car also give a 22 and 24 mileage

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    More Frequently Asked Questions About Maruti Dzire

    Maruti Dzire Price & Variants FAQs

    Q. Is Maruti Dzire available through CSD canteen?
    A. Yes, Maruti Dzire is available through CSD canteen.
    Q. What are the diesel variants of Maruti Dzire?
    Maruti Dzire is available in 7 Diesel variants, out of which 3 are automatic and 4 are manual. The base Diesel variant Swift Dzire LDI starts at Rs. 6.67 lakh. and the top-end Diesel variant Swift Dzire AMT ZDI Plus is priced at Rs. 9.53 lakh.
    Q. What are the automatic variants of Maruti Dzire?
    Maruti Dzire is available in 6 Automatic variants, out of which 3 are diesel and 3 are petrol. The base Automatic variant Swift Dzire AMT VXI starts at Rs. 7.20 lakh. and the top-end Automatic variant Swift Dzire AMT ZDI Plus is priced at Rs. 9.53 lakh.
    Q. What are the manual variants of Maruti Dzire?
    Maruti Dzire is available in 8 Manual variants, out of which 4 are diesel and 4 are petrol. The base Manual variant Swift Dzire LXI 1.2 starts at Rs. 5.83 lakh. and the top-end Manual variant Swift Dzire ZDI Plus is priced at Rs. 9.06 lakh.
    Q. What are the top variants of Maruti Dzire?
    A. Maruti Dzire is available in 14 variants:
    LXI 1.2 : Rs. 5.83 lakh
    LDI : Rs. 6.67 lakh
    VXI 1.2 : Rs. 6.73 lakh
    AMT VXI : Rs. 7.20 lakh
    ZXI 1.2 : Rs. 7.32 lakh
    VDI : Rs. 7.58 lakh
    AMT ZXI : Rs. 7.79 lakh
    AMT VDI : Rs. 8.05 lakh
    Zdi : Rs. 8.17 lakh
    ZXI Plus : Rs. 8.22 lakh
    AMT ZDI : Rs. 8.63 lakh
    AMT ZXI Plus : Rs. 8.69 lakh
    ZDI Plus : Rs. 9.06 lakh
    AMT ZDI Plus : Rs. 9.53 lakh
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