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  • Q. Petrol version in Xylo?
    Abdullah | 5 days ago

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  • Q. Xylo have automatic transmission?
    Priyesh | 2 weeks ago

    In New Model Voice Comonder Feature Headlamps, Hazerd, Wifer, Music Control, phone control
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  • Q. D4 or H4 which is more good in performance - Xylo?
    Gananjay | 8 months ago

    H4 gets more refined engine i.e. mhawk engine, which is more efficient than D4 engine. H4 is nice and has less vibrations of engine as compared to d4. d4 is only a entry level variant of xylo and it lacks host of features. so think accordingly!!
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  • Q. Mahindra Xylo ka konsa model accha hai?
    Shawn | 1 month ago

    Yes the top model H8 has dual airbags
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  • Q. Xylo h4 model it's good or bad and mileage?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    We would suggest you to pick for Mahindra Xylo H4 ABS atleast. And if you can stretch the budget then opt for Mahindra Xylo H8 ABS with Airbags trim. Moreover, the claimed ARAI mileage: Mahindra Xylo Diesel is 14.95 kmpl.
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  • Q. Hi, What is the special in H4 variant - Xylo?
    Sathish | 2 weeks ago

    H4 has two variant abs and non abs
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  • Q. I want to buy xylo d4 what is the on road price?after buying vehicle what are the extra things we have to buy ,please explain it what are the positive and negative about this car?
    Shawn | 3 months ago

    Positive points, very spacious, ample leg room, excellent for holidays etc.Negative points, being a big car city commute, parking is difficult.
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