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Honda WRV Rs. 8.08 lakh

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  • Q. I am confused b/w white & Metallic Brown color .......which color variant have advantage....on buying - WRV?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    There are some pros and cons of light and dark colours. *Bright shade:* - Bright colours fade over time when exposed to natural elements. - Painting cost of a dark coloured vehicle is always greater than a light colour like white. - Bright colour gets better visibility in the dark. - Bright colours are good for reflecting heat. This means the cabin will be kept cooler in summer. - While white may appear as a no-cost option, that’s because it’s often cheaper than other colours to produce. Dark shade: - The scratches and dents look much more pronounced on a darker colour than on a light colour. - Dark colours like red and blue looks more premium than bright colours. - Dark colour cars seem to attract more dust and bird poop than any other colour. Colour is a personal preference, but if you want a shade that’s likely to hold its value better than others, white makes a perfect choice. You’re guaranteed to look good whatever car you pick and hot summer days won’t put you off going for a drive. If you want to stand out a little, a bolder colour like choice can go a long way. Choosing one will depend on individual preference also. so, we would suggest you to exchange words with your family and friends in order to pick one.

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  • Q. Top model diesel car, which is best in terms of comfort, style, features and safety for Ford Ecosport and Honda WRV?
    Kalyan | 1 year ago

    Comfort wise for back seat WRV wins over Ecosport. Style might be individual preference.Features wise - if it's automatic Ecosport wins over WRV as Ecosport has more features with 6 airbags, ESP, HAC etcSafety also Ecosport wins if it's Titanium+ variant.

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  • Q. Is rear seat headrest is comfortable, especially for ladies during long run - WRV?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Seating five-up is easy but the middle occupant will want for more shoulder room. Drag and drop two six-footers one behind the other and the rear occupant will be bewildered by how much legroom and foot room there is. The seats are also wider, offer more under-thigh support and are more accommodating of bigger frames. Also, the lack of adjustable headrests is just ridiculous and the integrated ones are too small and soft. The seat cushioning is a tad too soft, especially for long jaunts and considering this car’s positioning as something for explorers.

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    Q. What type of airbags available in Honda WRV?
    A. There are Driver and Passenger airbags available in the top model of Honda WRV.
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