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  • Q. I wish to buy Toyota Corolla Altis. Worried about specific fuel consumption, Post sales service, and reliability. Please clarify which is better in altis, GL version (petrol) or Diesel version?
    Zigwheels | 11 months ago

    The Toyota Corolla Altis comes with a choice of two engines: a petrol and a diesel. The petrol motor displaces 1.8 litres and makes 140PS of max power and 173Nm of peak torque whereas the diesel makes 88PS of max power and 205Nm of peak torque. The petrol can be had with either a 6-speed manual or a CVT gearbox with paddle shifters. The diesel engine on the other hand is available with a 6-speed manual only. Power in both engines is sent to the front wheels. It gives a claimed mileage of 14 Kmpl and 21 Kmpl for petrol and diesel engine. Actual mileage figure will depend on driving style and how it is maintained. GL variant gets a big feature list of comfort as well as safety like Height Adjustable Front Seat Belts, Automatic Climate Control, Navigation System, Engine Start/Stop Button, Voice Control, Outside Temperature Display, Rain Sensing Wiper, Chrome Garnish, ABS,EBD, Rear Parking Sensors, Dual airbags, Knee Airbags, Side Airbags etc. If you are traveling less than 50-60km a day, opt for a petrol car instead of a diesel. With the extra Rs 1-1.50 lakh spent on a diesel purchase, you can actually drive a similar petrol car for as many as two years! So, do your math carefully. A diesel usually makes sense if you are driving above 60/70km a day. The Toyota Corolla can be attributed with kickstarting the D segment in India. Even after almost two decades, it remains the car to beat in the segment. It still sticks to its guns of frugality, comfort and a softer ride compared to its competition. The Toyota Corolla Altis is a good and reliable sedan to buy in the under Rs 20 Lakh segment, it is good looking on the outside, luxurious on the inside, it has Edgy design, best-in-segment ground clearance and scores high on the peace-of-mind factor and low-cost of ownership. In order to know about availability of dealership, click on the given link: https://bit.ly/2rJrRu2

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    Richard | 1 week ago

    Petrol version I perfere

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  • Q. It's a diesel or petrol?
    Kesiraju | 8 months ago

    It has both petrol and diesel engine options. The Corolla Altis is offered in Two engine options , in Diesel 1.4ltr with about 88 HP power and in petrol 1.8ltr engine with 138HP power . In petrol it has four variants G,G-CVT, GL and VL .VL is the top end variant . The Variants G-CVT and VL are offered with automatic transmission. The Altis CVT are termed as Super smooth sequential transmission. In diesel it is offered in Two variants DG and DGL . In diesel there is no automatic transmission version . Toyota Corolla Altis is one of the largest sold vehicle globally and about 44 million vehicles i.e 4.4crore vehicles are sold . It is a quite popular in the segment accross 150 countries.. Altis is a Segment leader in D segment sedan. The 12th generation too launched recently which will come to India in 2020

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    Revant | 2 weeks ago


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  • Q. I have a budget of rupees 10 lakhs for buying a car which brand and model would be suitable for me as I am looking for a car which has good safety features, decent mileage, low maintenance charge and durability or should I wait for the time being?? And my driving would be less than 1000 kms per month. What do you suggest???
    Zigwheels | 9 months ago

    There are ample of options available in this budget bracket such as Maruti Baleno, Tata Nexon, Honda Amaze, Honda City, Ford Freestyle etc. Click on the following link to check out some more options: https://www.zigwheels.com/newcars/best-petrol-cars-between-6-to-10-lakhs You may also apply filters to refine your search and can shortlist some of the options from the lot. Do let us know the hand-picked options so that we can help you to choose one. Also. as per your car monthly usage, we would suggest you to pick for petrol car because diesel makes sense when your monthly running is more than 1500 kms.

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    Muhammad | 2 weeks ago

    Toyota Yaris

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  • Q. I am looking for a sedan car which gives comfort on rear seat and good performance engine. Does Corolla Altis meet my need?
    Zigwheels | 4 months ago

    Yes, Toyota Corolla Altis is a very good option in terms of rear seating and engine performance. The Toyota Corolla Altis is a good sedan to buy in the under Rs 20 Lakh segment, luxurious on the inside and scores high on the peace-of-mind factor. But before the final decisions suggest you take a test drive of the vehicles to understand the power and comfort better. Read more. https://www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Toyota/Corolla-Altis

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    Richard | 1 week ago

    Yes by all means I would advice you to go for it there is nothing like it or if you have little more budget then you can go for CAMARY

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