• Q. Overall which is better among XUV500 and Fortuner?

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Why buy XUV500? Like most Mahindra vehicles, the XUV500 offers a lot for the money. Quality is a bit of a hit or a miss, and there are known niggles too. But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Mahindra’s big boy is a well-packaged SUV for those who love munching miles. It’s about time we got an all-new version, though! Why buy Fortuner? The Fortuner is still an old-school ladder-frame SUV but is easier to live with thanks to the improved kit list. There are more premium alternatives available but it makes a strong case as a reliable, practical and capable machine. Plus, chances are you’ll get half of your money back when you part ways with it. Click on the link to compare both: https://bit.ly/2KS20pz As new car purchase would depend on a lot of factors like budget, segment or brand preference, transmission, fuel type, specific feature requirement etc. Hence, we request you to share your inputs so that we can assist you in right direction.

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    Autophoria | 4 months ago

    They both are in entirely different price bands. And hence no comparisons.. eventhen xuv catches up with its agile performance and torquey engine..and the feature list ofcourse...Still the size matters..full grown suv the fortuner is..and the best offroader also... ya xuv can do offroading well but never like a fortuner..but there u consider the price band..Both are excellent suvs.. if u got to spend more and more into offroading and a full size vehicle go for fortuner..if u hv some budget concern but still u wanna do all these with not a full size but still a huge suv, go for xuv

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    Mahindra | 8 months ago

    The XUV5OO is a full-fledged 7 seater SUV that has been a trendsetter ever since its launch in 2011 & is one of India’s most awarded SUVs. It is packed with hi-tech features that are not available in vehicles even double its price. However, the Toyota Fortuner belong to different segment and it wouldn't be a fair match for comparison with the Plush New XUV5OO.

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    Raunak | 9 months ago

    They are two different segments fortuner priced 30 to 35 lac where as xuv 5000 12.5 to 19 lacs so not fair to compare both but xuv is value for money has many features that the fortuner does t...fortuner segment is endeavor alturas n kodiaq

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    Music | 1 month ago

    If budget is less till 23 lakhs then xuv any day but you want more power a bigger car then Fortuner which starts from 32 lakhs on road

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    Akash | 2 days ago

    If you have more budget and want to purchase high cost car without sunroof and all then you should go with FORTUNER

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    Nikhil | 8 months ago

    Both are a very different car type. XUV is a premium car in the 15L price range and Fortuner on other hand is appx. 28L+ thus there can't be any competition between the two

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    SNEAKERHEAD | 1 week ago

    Fortuner if you have the 17 lakh , otherwise xuv top model is a complete package

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    Rahul | 3 months ago

    XUV 500 is not the value for money vehicle, Fortuner definitely is

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    Manan | 3 months ago

    A big difference in price but more features in xuv

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