• Q. My Wagon R power steering becomes hard to turn of and on.What could be the reason?How much it cost to check and service the power steering?

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    Prashanth | 9 months ago

    My new wagon r 2019 is just 6 months old and with just 950 kms usage only. I started feeling that my steering is getting hard... its not as smooth as the new one. I have even checked for wheel alignment, which is fine. Can any one suggest why that it is hard ?is it a fault on car or is it same for all.

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    Rajat | 8 months ago

    Your steering fluid may be low or the steering column might need to be fixed.Cost could depend...for a steering fluid fix it may cost under a thousand bucks. However if a steering column repair or fix is needed expect to spend upward of 5k from ab authorized service center.

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