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  • Q. How is the Skoda Kodiaq in comparison to Ford Endeavour latest version and the Fortuner Automatic
    Zigwheels | 11 months ago

    All the three humongous SUVs are a very nicely tagged for the all-terrain vehicles. But If you needed a vehicle more used on off- roads then we suggest you for Ford Endeavour whereas if you needed a vehicle more for city use and a yet you needed the sophistication to move around then you can so go for Skoda Kodiaq But if you needed a package of both a vehicle that has muscle to take on the all-terrain and the sophistication as well then suggest you can buy the Toyota Fortuner. But to know more about this we suggest you take a test ride of the vehicle and then decide. click the given link to read more. https://www.zigwheels.com/compare-cars/ford-endeavour-vs-skoda-kodiaq-vs-toyota-fortuner

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  • Q. I want to buy 2.2 automatic one. Is it worth buying or should I switch to Crysta automatic top model - Endeavour 2019?
    Zigwheels | 10 months ago

    The Ford Endeavour and Toyota Innova Crysta are two distinctive cars as the Innova Crysta is a MUV whereas the Endeavour is an SUV. The SUVs are meant for tough terrains with a great ground clearance offered and a powerful engine. The MUVs are generally more dedicated to the travelling and on road conditions, therefore, they are provided with less ground clearance but a powerful engine to carry the load. If you are one of those people who like to go for off-roading in the weekends and usually travel around with a higher driving position you can go for Ford Endeavour whereas if you a looking for a car with great comfort for the passengers on a long distance journies you can get the Toyota Innova Crysta. Moreover, we would suggest you take a test drive of both the cars so that you may evaluate the cars on the basis of your outlook toward the drive quality, features and comfort of the cars.Click here for the dealership: https://www.zigwheels.com/dealers

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  • Q. When Ford Endeavour 2.2 ,4×4 diesel automatic is launching in India?
    Parag | 2 months ago

    Very Soon

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  • Q. Does Ford Endeavour have manual transmission?
    Zigwheels | 5 months ago

    Ford Endeavour can be had with two diesel engine options - a .2-litre, 4-cylinder unit and a 3.2-litre, 5-cylinder mill. While the bigger unit is only available with a 6-speed automatic transmission, the smaller engine can be had either with a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

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  • Q. I am confused between 2.2 AT Endeavour & 3.2 AT Endeavour. Is there a big difference in mileage?
    Abhishek | 7 months ago

    Hi, It depends what you are looking for.3.2 is more re-assuring given it has more power under the hood. This gives you more confidence incase you need to over-take on highways or when you need more turbo when on a tough incline.This I am telling you from personal experience.But if I were to give you an unbiased opinion - 2.2 should fair well for you, if you are seeking this for a city commute and one-off high-way travels.Since my place of work requires a 110 km drive everyday and a large part of it on highway, 3.2 works for me.Ford Endeavour is a capable car whether 2.2 or 3.2.If you don't budget constraints, go for 3.2. You wont regret the decision :)Best of luck Neeti!

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  • Q. How is the drive experience of manual transmission? Need to know on the gear box and clutch lightness. - Endeavour 2019?
    Zigwheels | 11 months ago

    Out on the road, the Endeavour feels so-familiar. The burly 3.2-litre engine is more than capable of driving cross country without batting an eyelid. You’d still wish for slightly quicker shifts from the gearbox, but other than that driving experience remains predictable. Of course, it continues to iron out broken roads like not much else and is at absolute ease being thrashed around too. Further to churn more details on it check the following link: https://www.zigwheels.com/reviews-advice/reviews/2019-ford-endeavour-review-whats-new/33087/

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    More Frequently Asked Questions About Ford Endeavour

    Ford Endeavour Engine FAQs

    Q. Is Ford Endeavour available in petrol version?
    A. No. Currently there is no petrol engine option available on Ford Endeavour.
    Q. Is Ford Endeavour available in diesel version?
    A. Yes. Ford Endeavour available in diesel engine option.
    Q. What is the engine power of Ford Endeavour diesel version?
    A. The engine power of Ford Endeavour diesel version is 158.2bhp@3200rpm.
    Q. What is torque of Ford Endeavour?
    A. The torque of Ford Endeavour is 385Nm@1600-2500rpm.
    Q. How many cylinders does Ford Endeavour has?
    A. Ford Endeavour comes with 4 cylinders.
    Q. How many gears available in Ford Endeavour?
    A. There are 6 Speed gears available in Ford Endeavour.
    Q. What is the kerb weight of Ford Endeavour?
    A. The kerb weight of Ford Endeavour is 2204 kg.

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