• Q. I need to cover the back. how does one go bout it. how much is the additive cost. - D-MAX V-Cross?

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    P | 1 year ago

    There are multiple options 1. Canvas bespoke cover (6k -10k) - not waterproof.. Seepage may happen., no security 2. Canopy (1.25L -1.5L) secure and water proof.e.g. Carryboy..3 trifold (40k -80k) secure with rear is lock..waterproof but not dustproof can take load on top Max25 to 30 kg4. Roller lid (90k-1.35l) carryboy. Secure, not water roof. Can not take load on top.Armadillo (1.35-1.5l) secure, waterproof cn take load upto 100kg, best option also available in mechanised form 5. Box (1.25-1.75l) full secured carryboy, there are a few design options like the one with hinge, one with vertical movement, one with split Inbetween...Value for money is trifold mm can be remove. I have a this land made white brande ls one

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    Mahendra | 2 years ago

    Two options available, prefabricated tops are available from Isuzu and other after market, second option is to get it customized from one of body maker cost will very from 1.5L to 40,000/- .

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