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Volvo S60 Cross Country Specifications

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Engine Displ. : 2400 cc
Power : 190bhp@4000rpm
Torque : 440Nm
Top Speed (KMPH) : 210
Sunroof : NA
Adjustable Driver Seat : Yes
Adj. Front Passenger Seat : Yes
Heated/Cooled Seats : NA
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Volvo S60 Cross Country Specifications Summary

S60 Cross Country Variants Key Specifications Key Features
Rs. 44.27 lakh
2400 cc, 190bhp @4000rpm view all 210 kmph Top Speed, Sunroof, Adjustable Driver Seat, Yes Adjustable Driver Seat, Adj. Front Passenger Seat, Yes Adj. Front Passenger Seat, Heated/Cooled Seats view all

Volvo S60 Cross Country Overview

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying S60 Cross Country

Q. Does the interior material is leather or similar? What is boot capacity - S60 Cross Country?
  • The interiors are standard Volvo fare – a cut-paste from the standard S60. You get all the goodies you would in a top-spec S60. While it isn’t the best in terms of design (or even equipment, for that matter) – everything remains strictly functional. You do get all the creature comforts you would expect from a car that costs as much, though. Leather upholstery, electric seats, dual-zone climate control, a stellar audio system -– all come standard. It has a boot space capacity of 380 liters.
Q. Is this car is better then Audi A4 - S60 Cross Country?
  • Audi A4 and Volvo S60 Cross Country are two very specific sedans. If we compare these cars on the basis of practicality the Volvo S60 has been offered with a 201mm ground clearance which is way more than the Audi A4's 165mm so for the Indian roads the Volvo S60 CC is a better option. If we talk about the cabin space, the Volvo S60 is offered with ample space for four in the car. Though due to the sloping roofline, the headroom at the rear is a tad restricted, especially for the taller passengers. Audi A4 on the other hand, for the chauffeur drive, there’s legroom at the rear. Even with a six-foot frame in the front seat, there was ample space behind. Volvo S60 CC is also offered with the AWD(all-wheel drive) which gives it an edge over the Audi A4. Moreover, we would suggest you take a test drive of both the cars so that you may evaluate the cars on the basis of your outlook toward the drive quality, features and comfort.Click here for dealership: https://www.zigwheels.com/dealers
Q. Why should one buy Volvo S60 Cross Country instead of Audi or BMW models
  • Truth be told, the S60 Cross Country is a ca that is hard to summarise. The closest we can get is that it is a luxury, sport sedan crossover. And it is its peculiar nature that makes the car quite desirable. There is no doubt that the Cross Country will stand out in a crowd no matter where it goes. And along with being a luxury sedan from Sweden it also boasts of a ground clearance higher than most crossovers. It is the perfect luxury sedan for a country like ours where ground clearance on our expensive cars is our primal worry. And not just the ground clearance, the AWD system also gives you access to the rougher part of town and terrain. Simply put, where most luxury sedans tend to be like gowned beauties meant for the red carpet, the S60 CC is like Demi Moore with a Beretta strapped to her thigh.
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