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Volkswagen Vento 2015-2019

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Rs. 8.64 Lakh
Discontinued Model since 28 Aug 2019

About Volkswagen Vento 2015-2019

The Volkswagen Vento is the second sub-Rs-15-lakh sedan the company sells in the country and slots in above the Ameo sub-4-metre sedan. It was first introduced in the country in 2010 and has been on sale ever since with small changes made from time to time. It was given a refresh in April 2017 where it received features like all-LED headlamps. The Volkswagen Vento continues to be based on the same platform as the Polo hatchback, and considering the company is not planning to launch new MQB-based products here anytime soon, will continue on soldiering till it becomes too old to be competitive in the market. Most recently, Volkswagen has added a cosmetic ‘Sport’ variant to the Vento lineup to make it more appealing.

Volkswagen Vento 2015-2019 Overview

Volkswagen has been prepping the facelifted Vento for quite a while now. Spy shots of the facelift have been spotted tested on Indian roads in disguised and raw form. And now we know that Volkswagen will launch the Vento facelift alongside the Polo facelift on September 4 in India.

The front fascia reveals a GTI-esque face and the bonnet gets a cutout to occupy the VW logo just like the Polo. While the side profile remains the same, the spied sedan was seen riding on dual-tone alloy wheels from the Cup Edition car. A closer look also reveals a sleek chrome strip running along the lower section of the doors.

Under the hood,the 1.2-litre TSI will likely be continued alongwith the 1.6-litre MPI motor.

The Vento facelift is expectedbe priced at a slight premium over the pre-facelift version.Once launched, the Vento will continue tocompete against the Hyundai Verna, Honda City and the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Vento 2015-2019

Q. Should I buy Volkswagen Vento by this year(September 2021) or wait for next generation?
Q. Which octane number petrol should I use in my Vento 1.2 TSI car?
  • I used premium...or mostly normal..from good pumps..means normal unleaded from good pumps.
Q. Does September facelift for Vento has interior changes?
  • Rain sensing wipers.
  • No not more .
  • Nothing.
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Q. How is the Audio quality in Rapid with comparison to VW Vento? Which Drives much better Rapid or Vento? In which colour Rapid looks best?
  • Vento is better than rapid in terms of the tuning and power.rapid looks good in white colour but this is subject to individual choice. Audio is same for both
  • Rapid in flash red looks great.. Monte carlo edition eye catching
Q. Hello, I am confused between Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Vento, Petrol top end automatic. please suggest which is a better buy
  • Rapid and Vento both have the same VW engine. Both carry similar features, built quality and safety features. Rapid has an upper hand in terms of handling cornering and maneuvering at high speeds. In terms of external design, I rate Rapid far more better than Vento.
  • Rapid and Vento both have the same VW engine. Both carry similar features, built quality and safety features. Rapid has an upper hand in terms of handling cornering and maneuvering at high speeds. In terms of external design, I rate Rapid far more better than Vento.
  • Skoda is cheaper, has better styling and better brand value in India... Go for rapid
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Q. I m facing issue in injecter of vento..recently i replaced all..should i sell this car or not? Model is 2011..mileage is 96000. How long injector gives good performance - Vento?
  • I own a VW Vento 2013 diesel and I want to get the turbo injector and suspension replaced, VW service centre quoted me INR 1.5 Lacs for turbo injector and INR 50,000 for suspension. Is it okay to buy the parts from boodmo.com so as to maintain the good life of my car or shall I get it done from VW service centre only?
  • If it isn't giving you any bother, I'd suggest you retain it. The life of fuel injectors can't be stated definitively since its affected by factors such as the quality of fuel. Getting the injectors cleaned periodically can help extend the life.
  • My vehicles injectors were replaced at 50000 kms and now the car has been driven 1.7 lac kms, 2011 model. everything is still ok
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Vento 2015-2019 User Reviews

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  • 5.0

    best in comfort and styling I have not a single rupee for repairs except for yearly servicing

  • 4.3

    I have automatic dsg variant and am loving it.Superb performance.I just don't know that why indians avoiding this too good car as compare to toys from japan.

  • 4.3

    Injector problem 😞😞 plz help me car is very good safety features 100% i love this car ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 4.0

    Overall good vehicle.Problems frequently faced on front bumper touching ground and lower part slips out of holding brackets, Ac fan flaps do not open.

  • 5.0

    mileage is awesome..........it is safety car.....drive krne ka mza aa jaata hai.....drive krne ka taste hi alag hai iska baki caro se

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  • 4.0

    The vehicle delivers close to 16 km mileage with 4 people and speed of 100 km/h on high way with heavy luggage.In city, May be around 10 km per liter.Excellent pick up and handling.Very safe car.Strong body.I have been parking my car next to sea shore, Still it hasn't shown signs of rust.Till date it did not invite much of maintenance cost (done 34000km only in 4 years).But, If something breaks inside the cabin ( plastic parts) like switches and all, Its very difficult to get them replaced.You wont get it! other wise it is an excellent car.Authorized service stations are few.Do not go for it of you aren't near any sow room service stations.I would also suggest not to meddle with any of its sensors and electrical systems like, Fitting extra lights etc.

  • 4.0

    vento is a drivers car the maintenance cost of the car depends on the driving style of the driver.when I bought it new I changed the brake pads at 9500kms, then again at 13000kms after that I changed my style of driving now the brake pads are good and I hv done 33000kms with 50% of the brake pad. other cars in this segment may have good features but when its comes to performance its the car which stands out. I will recommend this car 100%.

  • 4.7

    I have the vento automatic-my second vento - a gr8 and power packed vehicle. 1.5 litre diesel automatic TDI engine just makes it the top of the line sedan. Feature and comfort-wise the car is gr8. Driving this powerpacked car is a lot of fun but the only sudden problem is the mileage issue - the mileage has suddenly reduced after the first service check - dont really know what the problem is but excluding this issue - the vehicle is running perfectly. I do1 a lot of intercity driving so mileage on the highway is not an issue -approx 20 and #25 if drive @80-100kmph (self tested) City mileage approx 13-15kmpl.

  • 5.0

    awesome car, super responsive TSI engine. Great build qualityMuch ahead of competition in terms of dynamics & performance.Feature deprived (not that I want anything more) so look elsewhere if you want gizmos on board

  • 4.7

    Its a Nice car.....full comfortable for long drive also.. I am having IPL edition car...so far this car never give me a problem.....its my favorite car as its transmission is so smooth like a butter.... The only point to think is its service cost...which make me think twice.... Otherwise this car is having very tough engine...I really thankful to GM and Volkswagen for manufacturing such a lovely car

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