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The Tiago has got a safety feature update for all its variants. All Tiago’s now come standard with dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, cornering stability control and rear parking sensors too. That’s not the end of the list, it also comes with over-speed alert system, pretensioners and load limiters for the seatbelts, and front occupant seatbelt reminders. The carmaker has also added that the updated Tiago’s has been despatched to dealers. Tata has only revealed the petrol base variant’s price which is now priced at Rs 4.40 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi.

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Q. Which is better between Wagon R and Tata Tiago?
  • In respect of space, practicality, Engine reliability and service quality it is the wagonr . With the new 1.2l engine. it is the best in the segment. Tiago has better body quality and nicer handling compared to wagonr as the wagonr is a tallboy platform there is a lot of body roll
  • Since tiago doesn't have a cng version, if your looking for fuel economy with decent comfort, wagon R is better. If that is not your concern, then tiago is slightly bigger and better looking imo.
  • Since tiago doesn't have a cng version, if your looking for fuel economy with decent comfort, wagon R is better. If that is not your concern, then tiago is slightly bigger and better looking imo.
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Q. Tiago cng available?
  • After market CNG is available but it is preferable to go petrol only.
  • Don't know
  • I guess no
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Q. Which variant of Tiago is value for money?
  • XZ
  • The top end is the best for value for money.
  • For me its xz but many will find xt better.
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Q. Which one to choose among Swift and Tiago?
  • Both the Hatches are good to buy. On one hand, Swift has remained the preferred choice in its segment. In order to reach here, it has honed its position as a sporty hatchback that offers something for everyone. And now, there’s a new Swift 2018 and it has big shoes to fill. On the other hand, the Tiago has filled the need for a smart looking hatchback that’s affordable, and has a spacious, premium-looking cabin that’s loaded with features. What’s more, it also offers great fuel efficiency, something that is a top priority for car buyers in this segment. Talking about their ride and handling, the new Heartect platform has worked wonders for the new Swift and it now feels more composed than ever while doing triple-digit speeds and taking curves. Although the Swift has shed some weight, it feels more planted than before in both the diesel and petrol avatars. The steering is light and it isn’t the most communicative of units, but it doesn’t feel vague and requires no idle inputs to maintain a straight line. The light steering though will be enjoyable while parking and at city speeds. In case of Tiago, the steering is just as light as one would like it at city speeds. Going lock to lock isn't a task at all, making the Tiago a nippy little hatch inside the city. Parking in tight spots or making a quick u-turn is fairly easy thanks to the light steering. At highway speeds, it weighs up sufficiently. Also, Tiago has more NVH level in comparison to Swift, . Ultimately, it boils down to your requirement. Do take test drive in order to judge your driving comfort. Click on the link to compare these cars: https://bit.ly/2BuKPe5
  • Hi, seems you are going for manual variant. In terms of size and build , Tiago will be better since it’s more compact and better built which will help in case of small dings. For pure peace of mind, nothing beats Swift in India. If AMT’s, go for Tiago.
  • Well in term of Best you will ask so i will go with Rolls Royce, however in last you directly reach the bottom line which is we called budget .. so in that you have many options in market ... like Ford , Hyudia , Honda & Kia .. why don't you take a ride and then go for the decision ... because a small Test Drive will help you to take a better decision .. at last it our hard earn money. so instead of asking car expert you feel the difference
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Q. Which is better Tata Tiago or Santro?
  • This is the newest car in this class and offers more features for the price without any compromise on space and quality. The Tiago has the best sound system in this segment and also gets smartphone-linked functions for the infotainment system. The petrol-AMT variants add to its appeal as a city-centric family hatchback. It has a better power and fuel eficiency. On the other hand, the Santro still appears to be a great value for money city runabout that it always was. The space, features and the fit and finish of the interiors really do feel like a step-up from entry level hatches from yesteryear. From our short first drive it promises a smooth four cylinder engine, flexible engine, nice smooth gearboxes and a suspension set-up for city commuting. We would suggest you to take a test drive in order to clear your all doubts. Click on the given link to get your nearest dealership details: https://www.zigwheels.com/dealers
  • The Tiago is a genuinely good product from Tata motors not because it looks good or handles well or has great interiors, but because it provides a fresh new perspective to the Tata brand in the eyes of the Indian car buyer. Yes, the engines do need a little more refinement and a little more power but if the Tiago delivers best in class fuel economy. On the other hand, the Santro still appears to be a great value for money city runabout that it always was. The space, features and the fit and finish of the interiors really do feel like a step-up from entry level hatches from yesteryear. From our short first drive it promises a smooth four cylinder engine, flexible engine, nice smooth gearboxes and a suspension set-up for city commuting. Click on the given link to compare both the cars: https://www.zigwheels.com/compare-cars/hyundai-santro-vs-tata-tiago
  • Bro i am going to give you a transparent review of my tiago.. I have problem from the dashboard sound that's so annoying...from day 2 their is a sound from dashboard, now my car is 8-9 months old and their is no solution to this prob till now. I have complained them so much time but they just gave the spoonz packing their but that's not the permanent solution. Lastly you can go for santro because Hyundai gives the interior of good quality. And in performance of the petrol version santro is better than Tiago. So the last call is yours. Thank you
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Q. Which car is best Grand i10 or Tiago?
  • I have driven both. The Tiago is more comfortable ride. The Grand has slightly better quality. The Tiago has excellent steering return spring whereas the Grand has excellent brakes. So you see, there is some give and take overall. On the whole both are good cars. Tiago has a more forgiving clutch and hence it is easier to drive in the city.
  • If you want to go for grand i10 then go for diesel as petrol gives a bad milege. Tata Tiago is a small car and it is newly lunch in india and the disputes and problems are not known properly. Hyundai service is better than tata. If you are living in a nuclear family and plans to change the car say after 4 or 5 years then go for Tiago. Tiago is a less expensive and a very good car for a small family but if you are tall it may be uncomfortable.
  • For overall good fit and finish and also as a comfortable family car for beginners go for Gi10 and for fun ride and mileage go for tiago as tata has improved a lot over the years and tiago also looks a promising product.
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    Have been riding mg Tata Tiago XZ Petrol for 3 years now. Here is my review:Exteriors: No doubt its very impactful design and honeycomb grill gives it a dashing lookInteriors: It came with a Harman music system and pretty of space at dashboard, below steering and cup holders as well. Offcourse the chrome looks great but has started to wear off, might be due to poor handling and mess insideMileage: Its the best thung I liked about Tiagelo which makes it even more desirable. In city, it clocks around 15-16 kmpl, but highway and long drives are where its real magic unveils. It clocks whooping 27-28 kmpl if driven in eco mode with speed ranging from 80-90 kmph. Handling:: Steering is the real takeawy here. Wuth auto retractung feature its so much easy to handle even at sharp turns. After steering, its auto retracts to original position consistenly.Gear System: I found it comparably rough than other brands but overall its good.Clutch: Clutch is also very easy to handle except thart its top is really small so you might find it strange at the beginning. Brakes: Braking is very controlled with abs system evne at very hugh speeds. Accelerator is also quite smooth and consistent. AC: AC is quute ok, I guess hot weather conditions and sandy air of Rajasthan takes its toll.Features:Present: Eco mode, fog lamps, parking sensor, auto rain sensing rear wiper, all power windows, dc output, harmann music system with 4 plus 2 speakers n bluetoothAbsent: Auto retracting side view mirrors, rear view camera, media screen, touchscreenAfter Sales Service:: I purchase extended warrang and amc , almost 2 year were fully free. Definitely preferred. Afterwards, servce cost costs around 1 to 3 thousand only which is really good.

  • 3.7

    Very poor after sale service, i parked my car tiago xz for repair after acident at Tata dealership RAMA MOTOR, if you have any option pls avoid to get service from here, after repair when my car was handed over to me, it is completley covered with dust, my new mat were missing from car, the added salvage cost in my bill and when i asked for the that, the sad it has been scrapped. In direct words they billed me for material which i have not recieved, Tata dealership comitted your willbe ready in 10 to 15 day, But i got my car after 40 days😢......... But tata is happy with this service... Also my car back sensor are not working after geting service from here, i have made complain at their toll free no, but no resolution till. Wasted lot of time in thinking how unskilled, unprofessional is tata. Tata cars are good but service is worst, no one to hear your voice or problem, the can just increase your problem, they just look how money can be earned from customer. Dont waste money here, better go for other,I cant explain everthing in word, but realy got worst terrifying service from tata, I bougt this only 6 month back. You know what my family and friends are saying by viewing such service ......... " Or le lo Tata"@Tata pls do t sell cars if cant provide serviceWe not so rich to change car whenever we wish, it is dream for someome to buy first own car and someone spent his earned money

  • 4.7

    Tiago from Tata Motors is a gem of a car. It"s probably one of the well built cars available in India. The car has completed 1 year and 10,200 kms. The 1.2 L, 3 Cylinder Engine produces more than enough power and offers quick acceleration as well. Yes, NVH levels are on the higher side, but it isn"t a deal breaker. The engine has 2 modes: CITY and ECO. The engine becomes sluggish in ECO mode but I haven"t noticed any significant improvement in fuel economy driving in ECO mode. In terms of exterior, the Tiago surely has great styling. A very "hot" looking car in it"s segment. All the colour variants available are fantastic. The interior offers lots of storage spaces and the car from inside too, looks wonderful and feels upmarket. Ride quality is excellent as my Tiago has Bridgestone OEM tyres. Steering is very smooth and light at lower speeds and weighs enough at higher speeds. The steering offers good feedback as well. The Music System from Harman is absolutely magnificent. Sounds top class. Tata Motors has put a lot of effort on quality and it shows. I am very happy with the overall performance of the Tiago and I would surely recommend this car to others.

  • 4.3

    Tata finally got a good passenger car to sell. Tiago is great looking and high on features (top-end model only).Quality is still not at par with ALL the other automakers. The service centers have been unable to eliminate a niggling noise in the dashboard even after multiple trips to different centers.The new 1200 cc engine is good but takes a while to "warm up" and gets to the right rpm after about 2 minutes of start (1400 to 800 rpm), much like the older cars like Ambassador diesel used to be! Metered 11000 kms but still the issue persists starting Day One.Overall still a decent car.

  • 4.7

    मैं इसे देशी उत्पादन समझता हूं।इस कारण इसे खरीद कर गोरवांन्वइत समझता हूं।बतायए गये माईलेज कम होते भी मैं संतुष्ट हूं।आरामदायक होने के साथ जमीन सेऊंची भी है इस कारण शहरी व ग्रामीण दोंनों क्षेत्र के लिये उपयुक्त है।

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