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Skoda Octavia Maintenance cost

The estimated maintanence cost of Skoda Octavia for 5 years is Rs. 35,710. The cost of first, second and third services are at Rs. 9195, Rs. 8660 and Rs. 9195 respectively. The minimum distance travelled by Skoda Octavia for 1st service is 20000 km.

Skoda Octavia Maintenance & Service Schedule

2nd Service
Rs. 9195
3rd Service
Rs. 8660
4th Service
Rs. 9195
5th Service
Rs. 8660
Kms 20000 30000 40000 50000
Month 24 36 48 60
Free/Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
Part Change
Normal Engine Oil Rs. 3840 Rs. 3840 Rs. 3840 Rs. 3840
Oil Filter Rs. 99 Rs. 99 Rs. 99 Rs. 99
Air Filter Rs. 537 Rs. 537 Rs. 537 Rs. 537
Service Charge Rs. 2805 Rs. 2805 Rs. 2805 Rs. 2805
Brake Oil Rs. 0 Rs. 517 Rs. 0 Rs. 517
Spark Plug Rs. 1052 Rs. 0 Rs. 1052 Rs. 0
Pollen Filter Rs. 555 Rs. 555 Rs. 555 Rs. 555
Oil Sump Hexagonal collar nut Rs. 155 Rs. 155 Rs. 155 Rs. 155
Oil Sump O- Ring Rs. 152 Rs. 152 Rs. 152 Rs. 152

Total estimated maintenance cost for 5 years

Rs. 35,710

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Skoda Octavia

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Q. Is the low ground clearance of Skoda Octavia a genuine problem on Indian roads. I mostly drive in the city but do come across huge speed bumps that are not properly designed.
  • On huge speed bumps you do have to maneuver the car a little bit to avoid any contact with the road, but this is specific only to huge speed bumps,otherwise it's not that much of a problem
  • Is Octavia fine with the 155 clearance on spread breaker.Secondly what about water logging problem ?
  • As the car gets a 110mm ground clearance, you may face a few hindrances on the Indian bumpy roads and potholes. The car is really low and requires more of a flat road.
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Q. Does skoda all variants have sunroof - Octavia?
  • No depends upon which when are you taking mostly it is in the top variant
  • नहीं. Sabhi m nehi h sunroof only 2 uper variants
  • No! Only Style plus or L&K variants have sunroof....
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Q. What is more reliable in the long run manual transmission or automatic in Skoda - Octavia?
  • If you are more of a person who travels around on the highways, the manual transmission would be more reliable as it has a very simple mechanism as compared to the automatic transmission. The automatic transmission is generally preferred in the city premises where the traffic makes it annoying for a driver to shift gears rapidly. The reliability of the gearbox also depends on the driving style, maintenance and the driving conditions of the vehicle.
  • Have lived on automatics since 2009. Can’t even think of manual ride since. Manual is a no no in my take.
  • Both are reliable!
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