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Nissan Terrano Service Cost

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Nissan Terrano Maintenance cost

The estimated maintanence cost of Nissan Terrano for 5 years is Rs. 23,061. The cost of first, second and third services are at Rs. 2162, Rs. 5262 and Rs. 5162 respectively. The minimum distance travelled by Nissan Terrano for 1st service is 10000 km.

Nissan Terrano Maintenance & Service Schedule

2nd Service
Rs. 2162
3rd Service
Rs. 5262
4th Service
Rs. 5162
5th Service
Rs. 4762
6th Service
Rs. 5712
Kms 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000
Month 12 24 36 48 60
Free/Paid Free Paid Paid Paid Paid
Part Change
Normal Engine Oil Rs. 1412 Rs. 1412 Rs. 1412 Rs. 1412 Rs. 1412
Oil Filter Rs. 350 Rs. 350 Rs. 350 Rs. 350 Rs. 350
Air Filter Rs. 400 Rs. 0 Rs. 400 Rs. 0 Rs. 400
Service Charge Rs. 0 Rs. 3000 Rs. 3000 Rs. 3000 Rs. 3000
A.C.Filter Rs. 0 Rs. 500 Rs. 0 Rs. 0 Rs. 0
Brake & Clutch Oil Rs. 0 Rs. 0 Rs. 0 Rs. 0 Rs. 550

Total estimated maintenance cost for 5 years

Rs. 23,061

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Nissan Terrano Overview

Nissan Terrano
Q. Which is best BRV or Terrano?
  • After owning brv for almost 2 years and driving Terrano for a while a year back I can tell you Terrano rides beautifully but the biggest draw backs are really underpowered engine struggles a lot on Highspeed acceleration poor plastic quality and interior quality and got 0 starts in safety ratings,, but when we compare brv to Terrano brv diesel is good not bad but it also struggles with low power but brv petrol is the best the steering feel on the car is superb handling is spot on for a car that big and long there is a little bodyroll compared to Terrano which has no bodyroll, but in brv that body roll is pretty well contained and interior quality is far better than Terrano got 4 stars in safety ratings and is lot more practical than Terrano and that 1.5 vtec engine is just phenomenal ask any one who drives 1.5 litre vtec and they give you positive feedback 0-100 of brv petrol is 10.18 seconds and 0-100 of diesel brv is 13.6 seconds and 0-100 of Terrano diesel is 14 seconds and compared to Terrano brv has lot more features
  • There is no comparison between BRV and Terrano. Firstly, BRV is a seven-seater C-SUV with heart and mind of a sedan, whereas Terrano is a five-seater C-SUV. Secondly, BRV scores high on its versatility and convenience with space while Terrano goes better with its strong looks. As a buyer, you have to identify your need - a 5-seat or a 7-seat vehicle? If 7-seater, then BRV, at its price point, is one of the best, rather the best choice available in the market today.
  • Dear Sanjeev, Please avoid the Nissan Terrano. It's an outdated product. Since you don't need seven seats, even BRV does not seem like a right fit. You can look at fully loaded variants of the Ford EcoSport instead. That should suit your requirement well. Please let me know if you've got any more questions.
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Q. What is the maintenance cost of Nissan Terrano per year?
  • It's my 2yr free and it was around rs12000 and next year rs4000 will also add up as labor charges. I'm totally a fan of the muscular look of terrano and my running is only when I go outstation like 600km - 1000km in 3-4 months and till now petrol version has not given me any other cost apart from yearly service. And that too no pick up charge for service or when AC needs to be checked also no pick up charge. Rest if you looking for features you can try kicks or harrier as 2.5 yrs back none of them were available and I find it good from creta,duster and breza in on road 11lakh segment. Hope this information helps you.
  • It's a normal service cost say around 10k depending upon your running.
  • Each service cost is around 20,000
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Q. Commonly occurring complaints and drawbacks of terrano?
  • You are lucky. Only 10 days back, the car again did not start, in the parking lot of the Columbia Asia hospital near my house. I had to call the Toll free number of Nissan. Their mechanic said that it is a fuel problem. The car was taken to the Nissan Service Centre on 22/8/2018. They have told me that the fuel pump needs to be changed. There are none in stock, with any dealer around. They have demanded one from Chennai. There is no news about when it will arrive. This happened once before, almost a year back, when the engine did not start and the car had to be loaded on a tow truck and moved to the service centre. Next day, it started on its own. They kept it for a week and then returned it. At that time, they felt that it was an electrical fault and placed a demand for new wiring. This was received after a week and the wiring was changed. If this happens in heavy traffic, it can lead to a serious accident.I have filed a complaint in District Consumer Forum about a year back. It is still to be decided.
  • (a) The car does not pick up speed quickly, even in 1st gear. (b) There is a noticeable lack of power, especially when climbing a slope. As a result, the car has to be driven in low gear, at high RPM. If the vehicle is fully loaded, it will be difficult to use the car in the hills on steep climbs. (c) The fuel efficiency of the car is low. According to the onboard computer, the car is giving a mileage of about 7 kmpl, against the rated figure of 13.2 kmpl. (d) Sometimes, after the engine is switched off, it does not start immediately when it is re-started. This happens when the engine stalls due to loss of power on a slope or when going over a speed breaker. This also happens occasionally when the engine is switched off with the starter key.
  • Maintenance is too much cosr and mileage also not good
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