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Maruti Wagon R
Maruti Wagon R
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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Wagon R

Q. Which is better, Wagon R or Celerio?
  • Both Maruti Celerio and Wagon R are worthy options. The new-gen Celerio with all the latest updates and its fuel-efficient nature does make for a compelling case if you want a frugal city runabout. It will be a great first car thanks to its easy-to-drive nature. Another strong point of the Celerio is the torquey 1-litre petrol engine that feels at home not only in the city but also out on the highway. The low-speed ride is comfortable and the spacious cabin makes it a genuine four-seater even for tall people. However, if you want a bigger engine then the Maruti Wagon R would be a better pick. If the Celerio was priced slightly lower, it would have become a stylish alternative to the Wagon R. But as things stand, you’ll have to dish out a slight premium to get one. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride for a better understanding of performance and comfort. Click on the link and select your desired city for dealership details.Read More: - Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R
Q. Punch or Wagon R, which car should I go for?
  • Both Maruti Wagon R and Tata Punch are good cars and offer a lot to their customer. Selecting one would depend on certain factors such as your budget, preference of the segment, features requirement, cabin space, safety, etc. The WagonR continues to be a sensible practical hatchback. It’s now stronger, more feature-loaded, more powerful and safer. Importantly, the prices have not gone up substantially. On the other hand, Tata Punch could be the ideal alternative for city-friendly hatchback users looking for something more rugged and versatile. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride for a better understanding of performance and comfort. Click on the link and select your desired city for dealership details.Read More: - 2021 Tata Punch First Drive Review: Hard Hitter! - Maruti Wagon R vs Tata Punch.
Q. What are the varaints for Wagon R 1-liter AMT?
  • The AMT with 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine is available in two variants: Wagon R VXI AMT and Wagon R VXI AMT Opt. The top-spec AMT variant is only available with the 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine.
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Q. Which is better Swift LXi or Wagon R 1.2 VXi as the on road prices are similar. I need comfort, mileage and fun to drive. Build quality as well.
  • Considering the swift LXI and Wagon R VXI 1.2, the Wagon r VXI will come with more features. Both shares the same platform and same engine too. Since the wagon r is lighter it will be more peppier to drive. There will be more passenger space inside too as it follows the old tall boy design structure. Since both cars are from the same manufacturer, both are equally good. Swift came from a more premium segment while the wagon r is from the mid class segment. From the version you have pointed out, the wagon r 1.2VXI will be better then the Swift LXI
  • It depends on factors and how you priorities them. Wagon R has a tall boy design so if you are tall then ingress and egress will be better in wagon R. Creature comforts will be better in comparison to the swift Lxi model. In city riding conditions both cars are good, on highway swift will perform better because of its aerodynamic structure. Overall swift Lxi is a proven brand and model when comparing to the Wagon R 1.2. Engine credential are same for both though swift will be peppier of the two.Hope this helps to make up your mind!
  • Both have same 1.2 litre engine ..fun to ride opt out you from s cng.Wagon r practical but fun on driving is missing..swift gives all you want with 2 or 3 on board. so swift lxi is my choice for you sir.(shhhh see the price once again in your city).
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Q. Can I use my Wagon R for long drives, up and down more than 1200 Kms?
  • 100000 kms driven, 10 years of good service, one time tyre, clutch, suspension, battery change, the vehicle give reliable drive. Many times driven 600 kms at a stretch, with one or tea break stop evers, yes it comes to life on demand. Mine is dual Lpg/petrol variant with ac on around 12-14 kms average per litre. Cost of repairs and altogether cost of ownership is decent and affordable for a middle/ lower middle class family. I am happy that ten years ago I decided wisely, today at 1,00,000 odo I changed brake caliper assembly.
  • I don’t understand why people afraid to travel long drives in wagon R ...i have purchased the new vxi 1 ltr engine ..I traveled near about 250 km in a single run with 90+ speed I didn’t feel any issues....and some are more concerned about big engines ...in my whole journey only two suvs overtake me those were toyota big ones ..rest you can understand what i meant so plz people avoid big emi and spent acc. To utility
  • I drive wagon R 2012 VXI (92000 KM) for 550 Km twice in a month in a single stretch with 2-3 breaks of 15-20 mins (Kinnaur to Delhi). Out of 500 Km, 220 Km is Hill driving (Shimla ) where your vehicle is really tested. Even in the hills, I drive without feeling any power as I am used to this and know the correct gear for up & downhill driving. On Highway, I fairly drive at 90 and sometimes reaches 110 without any issues. In my opinion, it is good for a long drive as its high seats are comfortable to sit and drive for long.
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Q. What is difference between 1.0 liter and 1.2 liter engine in new Wagon R
  • 1.0 engine is better in terms of moderate power and best mileage than 1.2. In 1.2 more acceleration means more fuel loss and there is no remarkable increase in power especially in hills n steep hairpins while compared to 1litre. The 1l has spontaneous power in highways when crossing 60km/hr. Cost wise also cheaper and economical and we get the same big sized car without a single difference!!!!
  • As the name suggests, 1.2 ltr means more power for quick acceleration. but it will also increase petrol bill.
  • The whole character is different,1.0 is a 3 cylinder making 69hp1.2 is a 4 cylinder making 83 hpRefinement,power,drive is a plus in 1.2 and mileage is plus in 1.0
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Wagon R Questions and Answers

Maruti Wagon R Expert Reviews

Maruti Wagon R User Reviews

  • Wagon R

    I have an 2010 model and till now i feel it is better than other comparators.Its fuel efficiency is better with a powerful engine and lot of capacity inside.It is good specially for villages with rough road conditions as it has a high wheel base from ground.I live in a place where there is 6 months cold temperature dropping to minus 17 degrees an winter and in such harsh weather it starts very comfortably all the time.I never feel any trouble while overloading this car.I use to carry 500 to 800 kgs of fertilizers and other equipments to fields in this car even on tough and hilly roads and it always satisfying me.Thanks.

    Unis 2 days ago
  • Wagon R

    I have used this car occasionally but trust me it always gives the best feeling and reason why Wagon R is my and everyone's favourite because this car is comfortable and the maintenance is very low.

    VAIBHAV 1 week ago
  • Wagon R

    Very comfortable because of hight and lag space.The after sales service is the best.On road service is also the best from maruti.

    Chirag 1 week ago
  • Wagon R

    Good condition, Little engine oil leaked, Little bumper scratch, Little windshield scratch, There is no car tape

    Jeslyn 1 week ago
  • Wagon R

    The looks of the car may throw off a chunk of people but being the owner of one, I can assure u that looks really do not matter, Not that it is any bad on the new wagon r.The car has space that even luxury cars of the same size find difficult to compete with.Top that off with one of the best mileage and comfort drive, This is the epitome of affordable cars.

    Bidit 2 weeks ago
  • Wagon R

    Mileage should be improved city 13 to 14 highway 18 to 21all other aspects are superb really a nice car.I am using 1.2 version.Mileage is the only concern.Body build quality is also average.

    Kaviarasu 2 weeks ago