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Q. How is the build quality of the new Honda city and is mileage better than previous Honda cars at this price?
  • The new City feels solid when it comes to build quality. The fuel efficiency has gone up compared to the fourth-generation City.
Q. Has the seat upholstery been improved over the previous 4th gen model for honda city?
  • The seat upholstery quality is good. There is no measurable improvement over the 4th gen car but it is smooth and premium to the touch.
Q. How is the safety of the new City model compared to the previous one ?
  • Both cars come with an impressive safety feature list that consists of 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors with a camera and electronic stability control. However, the new City goes a step ahead with a LaneWatch camera, 3-point seatbelt for the middle passenger at the rear as well as a tyre deflation monitor. Honda has also improved the rigidity of the body.
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Q. If I buy a BS4 Car today, can it be resale after April 1, 2020. Will new registrations of used BS4 vehicles be done after April 1, 2020 - City?
  • Important point is this that no BS4 engine vehicle where renewal is due after March 31st, 2020 will get it. So the second hand car market of BS4 engine are going to crash like anything. Media is not highlighting this fact because car companies are still clearing their BS4 stock. Usually we Indians exact one car life is between 18-25 years with minimum 1 or 2 renewals but now with BS4 engines, it's not going to happen.
  • Yes. But you will get Lesser Resale Value. Whenever buying Electric or Electronic. Mechanical Things , Gadgets etc. Always Try to Buy New & Latest Technology Models. It may be LITTEL Costly but you get Value for Money .
  • You can resale it within 15 years. But new bs4 vehicles will not be registered after April 2020.
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Q. Which is better between Verna and city
  • For better performance..smooth engine and silent cabin..Hyundai verna is the best sedan in this price range..and if you're looking for spacious cabin ...large boot space ..then go for honda city.city's 1.5 i-dtec engine if good for long drives but for city rides, verna's engine will give better performance. If fuel economy is a big concern then honda city will the one which will satisfy you.
  • Go for Verna If you are looking for long term.....I aslo own a Verna it has done around 1,35,000 kms and 8 years with no issue and just 1 time clutch replacement
  • If you looking premium and awesome look then go for verna and also verna's s base and second models are affordable than Honda city.but Honda city's average is little more than verna. But if you like stylish and premium then yes for verna. And also honda city's maintenance cost are high.
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Q. I am confused, which car to buy, petrol or diesel? Which is good in resale, low maintenance and average also?
  • Depends on your running, as the difference between both the fuel as decreased to single digit now, it means more running to recover the premium paid initially. and in case in city like Delhi, where diesel engine life is shortened to 10years it means low on resale or for good resale you have to look out of the city.Rest diesel is more fuel efficient but at the same time cost little more than petrol maintenance.
  • If your run is less than 30kms per day then go for petrol otherwise diesel. In petrol honda and maruti both are good, have low maintenance and have good mileage.
  • If your running 1500 km.plus go for diesel, your running less than 1500 km go for petrol, petrol cars Maintenance low compare to diesel cars
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