Honda Amaze Price in Nainital

Honda Amaze price in Nainital starts from Rs. 6.17 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 9.99 Lakh for the variant Honda Amaze VX CVT Diesel. The price of petrol variant of Amaze ranges between Rs. 6.17 Lakh to Rs. 8.79 Lakh. The price of Amaze diesel variants starts at Rs. 7.63 Lakh and the top-end diesel is priced at Rs. 9.99 Lakh. The starting price of Honda Amaze Automatic is Rs. 7.78 Lakh. The EMI of Amaze is available at Rs. 11,798 per month @ 10%. Among competitors, Maruti Dzire price in Nainital starts at Rs. 5.89 Lakh and Hyundai Aura Price in Nainital starts Rs. 5.79 Lakh.

Honda Amaze On Road Price in Nainital August 2020

Variants On Road Price
Amaze E Petrol Rs. 6.99 Lakh
Amaze S Petrol Rs. 7.76 Lakh
Amaze V Petrol Rs. 8.42 Lakh
Amaze E Diesel Rs. 8.72 Lakh
Amaze S CVT Petrol Rs. 8.75 Lakh
Amaze VX Petrol Rs. 8.94 Lakh
Amaze S Diesel Rs. 9.33 Lakh
Amaze V CVT Petrol Rs. 9.4 Lakh
Amaze V Diesel Rs. 9.99 Lakh
Amaze VX CVT Petrol Rs. 9.85 Lakh
Amaze S CVT Diesel Rs. 10.21 Lakh
Amaze VX Diesel Rs. 10.52 Lakh
Amaze V CVT Diesel Rs. 10.88 Lakh
Amaze VX CVT Diesel Rs. 11.33 Lakh
Rs. 6.17 - 9.99 Lakh Nainital Change

Honda Amaze On Road Price in Nainital

  • E Petrol (Petrol)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 6.17 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 54,319
    Insurance Rs. 27,985
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 6.99 Lakh
  • S Petrol (Petrol)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 6.88 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 59,289
    Insurance Rs. 29,514
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 7.76 Lakh
  • V Petrol (Petrol)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 7.48 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 63,489
    Insurance Rs. 30,806
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 8.42 Lakh
  • E Diesel (Diesel)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 7.63 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 77,892
    Insurance Rs. 31,128
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 8.72 Lakh
  • S CVT Petrol (Petrol)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 7.78 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 65,589
    Insurance Rs. 31,451
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 8.75 Lakh
  • VX Petrol (Petrol)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 7.96 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 66,849
    Insurance Rs. 31,839
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 8.94 Lakh
  • S Diesel (Diesel)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 8.18 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 82,704
    Insurance Rs. 32,313
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 9.33 Lakh
  • V CVT Petrol (Petrol)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 8.38 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 69,789
    Insurance Rs. 32,743
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 9.4 Lakh
  • V Diesel (Diesel)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 8.78 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 87,954
    Insurance Rs. 33,604
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 9.99 Lakh
  • VX CVT Petrol (Petrol)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 8.79 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 72,659
    Insurance Rs. 33,626
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 9.85 Lakh
  • S CVT Diesel (Diesel)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 8.98 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 89,704
    Insurance Rs. 34,035
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 10.21 Lakh
  • VX Diesel (Diesel)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 9.26 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 92,154
    Insurance Rs. 34,638
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 10.52 Lakh
  • V CVT Diesel (Diesel)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 9.58 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 94,954
    Insurance Rs. 35,327
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 10.88 Lakh
  • VX CVT Diesel (Diesel)
    Ex-Showroom Price
    Rs. 9.99 Lakh
    RTO + Road Tax + Others Rs. 98,542
    Insurance Rs. 36,209
    On-Road Price
    Rs. 11.33 Lakh
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Amaze Ownership Cost

  • Front Bumper
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 2200
    GST Price :- 616
    Total Price :- 2816
  • Rear Bumper
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 2900
    GST Price :- 812
    Total Price :- 3712
  • Bonnet/Hood
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 4325
    GST Price :- 1211
    Total Price :- 5536
  • Front Windshield Glass
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 5000
    GST Price :- 1400
    Total Price :- 6400
  • Rear Windshield Glass
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 4235
    GST Price :- 1185
    Total Price :- 5420
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Honda Amaze Overview

Honda Amaze
Honda Amaze
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Rs. 6.17 Lakh
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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Amaze

Q. I am looking for an automatic gear Honda car with a low price and which model can I choose with the lowest price - Amaze?
  • In the lowest price, you can choose to go with Honda Amaze S CVT Petrol. It is priced at Rs. 7.72 lakh, in order to know the approx on-road price click on the link and select your city accordingly.
Q. I want to buy, Honda Amaze ( Automatic Transmission Car). Could you please give me some information about Car and the final price, benefits, etc.
  • It's good choice that's what I can say.For features please visit honda site or zig wheels site
  • May I know the price details please
Q. I am looking for automatic car and confused between Honda Amaze VX CVT and Nexon XMA. My budget is 10 lakh. Both of these cars are from different segment. Is it better to go for basic SUV like XMA which comes with AMT or need to select feature loaded car Amaze which comes with CVT?
  • Both cars are of different segments and automatic technology also different in both cars. Tata Nexon would be a better pick if you often tackle bad road conditions want a better power and cabin space. It offers better safety too. On the other hand, Honda Amaze would be a better pick if the smooth and comfortable driving experience is your priority and want a good feature list at a price. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test drive in order to clear your all doubts. Check out authorised dealership details.
  • Don't go for Nexon XMA. mileage is biggest issue... It does not give mileage more than 9 in city conditions and its Automatic Transmission is also not that good.. Honda is far better than Tata in terms of technology.
  • Go for Nexon xma
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Honda Amaze Price FAQs

What is the ex-showroom price of the top petrol variant of Honda Amaze in Nainital?

The ex-showroom price of the top petrol variant of Honda Amaze is 8.79 Lakh.

What is the ex-showroom price of the top diesel variant of Honda Amaze in Nainital?

The ex-showroom price of the top diesel variant of Honda Amaze is 9.99 Lakh.

What is the insurance cost of the Honda Amaze in Nainital?

The insurance cost of the base variant of Honda Amaze in Nainital is Rs. 27,985.

Honda Amaze User Reviews

3.9 /5
1135 reviews & ratings
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  • 4.3

    Overall performance of petrol automatic is great in the city. It has paddle shifts which are effective in hilly areas. Many complain about the low torque and poor pick up but it totally depends on how you control the car. Best thing about the CVT in the hills it does not decent back immediately in a climb when brakes are released. City average is 12 kmpl with ac on. High mileage is better. Service of Honda is fair enough. Car is very smooth and comfortable and engine is quite silent.

  • 3.7

    Honda amaze old type car new version cars i don't like but adjustment not bad this car small size car honda amaze not comparting car so change the car

  • 4.3

    it is a very nice powerful stylish car

  • 3.3

    Mileage not as expected .Even though the company is claiming 19 kmpl ,it never exceeds 14 kmpl till date.But I do hope that mileage will increase after III service.Moreover I experienced very difficult when it happened to stop at the mid of uphill and then climb.The pick up is not as expected.However travelling in more or less levelled road is very comfortable and is also worth for the amount paid.

  • 4.7

    Mileage is awesome, build quality not up to mark. Decent power delivery. Suspension very soft so it feel in rough roads. I am satisfied with this car

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  • 4.0

    Specially in Honda amaze I don't like front seats thigh support, and steering is hard , rear seat is very comfortable but some jark fill in cabin ,clutch is very hard in bumper to bumper traffic, performance is excellent, average is good, 22km/lit with ac and 27km/lit without ac in city 15 to 18 km/lit, but on rough roads sound come through suspension and body I think suspension can not match to this car,and I don't know why Honda use thicker tyre all Honda car causes not absorb rough roads stone jark,metal quality is very good, fiber and dashboard quality is super class I am very impressed for that ,when windows glass half open then glass vibrates more , And I think ground clearance is little bit less ,honda says 170mm but this is unloading ground clearance loading ground clearance is different loading ground clearance is 130mm,and specially I don't like very much body roll this is big mistake in Honda amaze this thing is not forgotten on rough roads, this thing is dill breaker, and rear windows glass is not completely go down ,and glove box is not properly fitted, and break bite power is little bit less, total car has negative points, this is experience of my Honda amaze no one car makes perfect I explain positive and negative points

  • 4.0

    Amaze can"t overcome hills.Low power is main issue I found and it"s only in petrol version.I am also one of the happy customer of Honda until driving a hill or ascent.Amaze can"t overcome ascents.Its the only issue i found since driving 3000km,which is not an acceptable issue.When i contacted Honda they said its handed over to dealer,but the dealer informed Honda that they didn"t find any abnormality in my car which they accepted that Amaze has power issue and its for maintaining mileage once i was there at showroom.And when i asked dealer about their reply to Honda they said its made like that they can"t tell this to Honda,if we want to ride hills we must choose another vehicle and they can"t fit same Honda engine on both boat and car(just imagine my situation hearing this kind of reply from dealers).Really pathetic situation. So, dear brothers and sisters please don"t buy amaze petrol.If you like Amaze go for diesel.All other features in amaze are good.I choose petrol because i am not aware of this power issue and now suffering for my choice.My bad i have test driven Amaze but not on an ascents. When you people ask sales person about this power issue they will reply there is nothing like that,better have a test drive with the same sales person on a hill or ascent and ask him to stop car in middle and then move, you can experience what i was saying about.

  • 4.7

    Following is a review on the Honda Amaze Petrol after 5000kms. Looks: The overall silhouette of the new Amaze is good. It now looks like a bigger car compared to the previous version. I am not a big fan of the thick chrome grill at the front. The headlamps are stylish. The rear looks good with C-shaped lamps and sloping roof.Performance: The engine is super smooth and the gears are slick. Frequent gear changing is required but the performance is good. The initial pickup is low to maintain fuel economy. The car feels best on the highway. Feels stable even at speeds of 120kmph.Interiors: The interior is spacious and comfortable. The beige and piano black finish looks classy. The AC is quick and powerful. The rear seats offer ample legroom. The door speakers produce good sound. Audio controls are present on the steering wheel. The boot is spacious at 420 liters.Mileage: For a 1.2 liter petrol sedan, the mileage is good. It offers about 18.5 kmpl on the highway and 14-15 kmpl in the city with AC.Ride and Stability: The wheels soak up most bumps effortlessly. The ride quality is good. The stability at high speeds is good and body roll is controlled.Overall: Value for money. Spacious interiors and boot space. Good mileage and ride comfort.

  • 4.7

    1. Honda Elite Cars Rajahmundry delivery my car in time as they promised to me.After reviewing Swift,Xcent and Ertiga i decided to by New Honda Amaze.I have seen so may bad review in amaze but my friend who is service engineer of Top Brand told that New Amaze is best in segment . Also service cost is low as so many told that Honda car service is High.2. I completed my 900 KMS traveled continuously for 300 KMS i did not feel any discomfort while journey. But the same journey with Etois i feel so much discomfort . Normally when we travel in car we feel dizzy but with amaze while riding we feel as we are at home . AC is very good no need for Rear AC vent.3. From far its looks like Volvo car. Mileage is good got AVG 21KMPL with in local and Highway. Some reviews told there is a problem in reverse gear but it is totally wrong.4. yet to give to service 5. Pros:Lots of boot Space, Leg room , Audio is Superb when compared to other cars . Diesel engines are noisy but Amaze engine is low noise like petrol engine. AC is very good no need for Rear AC vent.Cons: Some told that it has no resale value. But with Honda Pre owned car and its brand its not a big issue it think.

  • 3.0

    Suspension quality is very poor. Honda Amaze has extremely soft suspension which results in high body roll and poor ground clearance.Build quality of both interior and exterior parts are very poor. External noise enters in cabin very easily. Engine quality is excellent but there's a speed limiter on 145KM/Hour which is for safety reasons obviously but it makes the car out of the competition when it comes to the top speed.Overall I'm neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it but yes, not happy with the build quality and suspension system. I have a 2017 model petrol SMT model.

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