Photo of Audi A7 2011-2015
Rs. 66.05 - 88.46 lakh
Discontinued Model since 12 Dec 2015

About Audi A7

The Audi A7 has been designed from a clean slate. As a completely new class of vehicle, it combines the pure grace and functionality of a saloon with the passionate dynamism of a coupe. Boasting of clear lines that sculpt an elite stance, the A7 is definitely a striking looking sportback. Performance oriented and feature rich, the A7 is truly a connoisseurs car

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One look at the new A7 and it brings a swift end to the belief that Audi can only make sedately styled saloons. But is it more than just a pretty face?

July 22, 2011  By Priyadarshan Bawikar Photography : Kunal Khadse