• Q. Which silencer is the best to get perfect average as well as nice sound - Classic 350?

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    Star | 5 months ago

    Fix any silencer with internal core that in inside of the silencer like filter if you ask them like "i need silencer with core" then they will show you many types on it and that core comes only in branded silencers.. If you buy without core local silencer then it will affect the mileage and engine life.

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    Masti | 5 months ago

    The silencer which the company provides I think is best as it gives 25to30 mileage in city traffic and 35-40 mileage on highway some time 45-50 when it's new I use both Punjabi chotta bottle silencer as well as the normal bullet silencer but in my opinion the company silencer is best for mielage

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    Mohammad | 11 months ago

    Till 1st or 2nd servicing use only stock exhaust later u can go for ur choice...im using barrel exhaust's scud exhaust, n im really satisfied about it both in performance n mileage n also the beating....plus its not that much expensive than red rooster.

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    Gururaj | 11 months ago

    Red Rooster Performance Rumbler Exhaust. Will cost you around 9k. Gets an awesome thump with a good base i must say. It will be unlike the cheap ones that we see on the roads these days. You will notice 1-2kmpl avg drop.

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    Lochan | 11 months ago

    Average is effected when you move to a silencer.There is no silencer which does not effect mileage. My recommendation is use a good company silencer with full system which gives a nice sound and doesn't effect engine..

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    Inzamam | 11 months ago

    If you want blasting sound go for min Punjab ... but I would suggest go for (indoor small pipe end) it's the real stuffs.. but plz dnt order online...it would be best if it comes from Delhi.

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    Abhishek | 1 day ago

    Keep the company's silencer for performance and mileage...it is the best i think so

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    Bhagwati | 2 weeks ago

    Stock silencer of bs3 if available with someone

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    Vaibhav | 11 months ago

    Greasehouse Thumper is the best silencer. It increases your power for about 3bhp and it does t effect yojr milegae as well.

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    Prasant | 2 months ago


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