• Q. Which one should I buy Dominar 400 or CBR 250R 2018?

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The most talked about aspect of the Dominar 400 is the four-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHC, four-valve, 373cc motor with patented Bajaj triple spark technology - DTS-i. Mated to a six-speed gearbox, the motor delivers 35PS and 35Nm of peak torque. on the other hand, new CBR has a new BSIV-compliant engine that is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The 249.6cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine produces 26.3PS of power at 8500rpm and 22.9Nm of torque at 7000rpm. Thus Dominar 400 has a upper hand in terms of power. The Bajaj Dominar 400 looks like a muscular motorcycle and has a performance that lives up to the suggestions thrown by its lines and is a new breed of affordable performance bikes for the masses. If youโ€™re looking for an affordable, fast and comfortable highway cruiser that performs well in the city too, then the Dominar 400 is certainly an option worth shortlisting. While, the Honda CBR250R is a fair bet to opt for, offering enough pep to keep you thrilled. Itโ€™s also got commendable highway and city cruising dynamics, which should make it a good everyday motorcycle. Especially with the more relaxed ergonomics, unlike the KTM RC 200.

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    Manas | 5 months ago

    CBR is a sport touring machine with little aggressive while Dominar is Cruising bike and can be used for daily commute also. Engine refinement is good in CBR but lack power as compared to it's rivals. Dominar is out of comparison with CBR because Dom has more powerful engine and better stability on highways and comfort is very good. Sometimes u may feel fatigue on CBR but not in Dominar. And for price and values. Dominar has good value for money. Whereas CBR should have been little upgraded for the competition in the market.

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    Sarath | 4 months ago

    Both the bikes are claimed for long ride. CBR has a well refined engine. Dominar is not far behind at all in terms of refinment. Dominars seating position is very upright thus making it more comfortable for long ride than CBR. And in terms of price, for Dominar, we get more power and comfort and features than CBR. That's why dominar is called a value for money bike. But at the end of the day, please go and test ride both the bikes and check which suits you more.

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    Debasish | 11 months ago

    Depens on your choice. Both of them are good. But I love honda engine as it is much refined than bajaj.On the other hand as per now dominor is the best product of bajaj.Secondly I like viger in bike. So cbr looks much sportier than dominor to me. There is no doubt that dominor has more power.But less refined engine than cbr.Lastly, your hight. If you are not tall enought, cbr will not be a comfortable option for you.Take a test ride. Then take your valuable decision.

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    Soumo | 5 months ago

    What is your meaning of your BEST? The CBR250R is a sports-tourer, fully-faired, reliable, tried-tested, smooth HONDA engine with fantastic fit and finish. Been using for 8 years now, no issues at all. Deceptively quick and powerful, no drama stops with ABS. Dominar does not deliver the punch of the 400 cc engine, nor is it faired - its a naked bike...my personal opinion. You ride both and decide.

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    Rushi | 8 months ago

    It's simple, if you want reliability, then honda. if you are ready to compromise for few things like vibrations etc. then bajaj.with honda, you get smooth engine, less vibrations and peace of mind.no doubt dominar is still value for money, but I wont spend 2 lakhs on a bajaj.

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    Prajnyan | 1 year ago

    It depends on your experience and expected usage. I would prefer CBR as it is more refined, hassle free and more fuel efficient, easy to use both in city and tours. Dominar is outright cheaper to buy, has more significant power and is amazing for high speed cruising.

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    Jax | 5 months ago

    Both are valuable. Dominar is more comfortable. But CBR is better with power & toughness. And maintenance of CBR is higher. If want single time money spend then DOMINAR is better for you.If you like more power & Toughness then CBR250R is better choices.

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    Harsha | 5 months ago

    Dominar produce lot of power than CBR In terms of power dominar 40psCBR fully faired bike 26ps both are comfortablemaintenance wise CBR is best and long life.dominar spares are less compared to CBR but it as less lifeHONDA as a STD engine life

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    Raj | 1 month ago

    There would be minor difference in top speed...... dominar being tourer and cbr being sports... go for test ride and check your riding syle first....

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