• Q. Which one is best - Glamour Drum or Disc Or any other suggestions? Please reply fast.

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    Anish | 1 year ago

    Both Disc and Drums produce noticeable brake force but drum brakes get loose from time to time and you have to re-tighten it frequently, whereas, disc brakes have longer life as compared to drums and does not come loose as frequently as drums. But on the other hand, The disc brakes are costly as compared to drums. My choice would be to buy the one with disc as it has less service demands (only brakes) and will save you some money to spend on other parts of the bike. PLEASE NOTE: DISC BRAKES HAVE VERY HIGH BRAKING POWER, SO USE IT WISELY TO AVOID WHEELSLIP!!

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    Sainik | 11 months ago

    Mileage is more or less same across all variants. Although the engine refinement of the older model is better, the newer model compensates that for power and torque. Overtaking is a breeze in the newer model. Remember, its a commuter motorcycle. So ride it within 40-50kmph to obtain maximum mileage. Hope the answer helps.

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    Puppala | 2 months ago

    Seate change bike moderation pickup seating

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    Sooraj | 1 week ago

    Of course disc brakes are better.

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    BHISHM | 4 weeks ago

    Glamour disc.

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    Sainik | 3 months ago


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    DrSubrat | 1 year ago

    I find myself more comfortable on drum brakes.... You can try disc brakes also....

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    Arka | 11 months ago

    Glamour F1 mileage is better than other two. rest more or less same

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    Hency | 12 months ago

    Disc brakes are much better Than drum brake

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    Priyadarshi | 4 months ago

    No doubt disc is better

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