• Q. Which is better - Bajaj Avenger 220 or Bullet Classic 350?

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    DrPruthviraj | 4 months ago

    This is a rare question. But I think easy to decide.Avenger is the most practical here. So if you are looking for practicality like cost , milage, performance ,maintenance, looks, comfort, avenger is the best. Both are retro designs and both are beautiful.Avenger's design is inspired by traditional American cruisers like Harley Davidson. Classic 350 is a true retro bike with traditional British or European roadster design. Good bike but not good in practicality. Costly spares, frequent repairs, vibrations in high speeds, The bigger engine just gives the extra initial torque but it's less apparent because of the extra weight. If you love the looks of classic, love it's heritage, and not a rough user, don't care much about costs , go for it.If you want comfort and performance, milage, lesser costs, go for Avenger.Design is American, but bajaj's quality is comparable to Japanese! Because They learnt basics from Kawasaki. It's perfect and problem free. Better than Harley in my view. Harley Davidson is disadvantageous because it has heating issues in city, smaller service network, more expensive in every way.

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    Rajiv | 2 months ago

    Bajaj Avenger 220 Street is definitely better if you have to drive and ride upon. Bullet 350 can be onlygood if you want to enjoy its engine sound only. However, if you are much fond of sound only, I would suggest you to keep a recording of that sound with you and go on enjoying it every time you feel.

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    Bhavani | 5 months ago

    Lol anyday avenger. Bullet is just another wannabe Harley bike made cheap. Just like how r15 is a cheap design mockery version of the R1. A big time wannabe bike don't go for it. Hi fur avenger worthy

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    Phawang | 2 months ago

    Bullet also btter thn avenger but abenger 220 give u mileage bettr thn bullet so tht your choice

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    Rajiv | 9 months ago

    Never compare an ORANGE with a PINEAPPLE. Both have their own aspects and flavors. Depends, on which particular aspect you want to compare and what are your own priorities !!!

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    Swarup | 3 months ago

    Comfortable is avenger220 but bullet looks is nice. You can't compare becoz avenger220 is cruiser bike bullet is not.

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    Hardik | 1 month ago

    Bullet would be better than avanger as it has good power than avanger

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    Sainik | 3 months ago

    Bajaj avenger cruise 220

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    HEALTH | 3 months ago

    Offcourse bajaj

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    Bh | 5 months ago

    If comfort is your priority then go with Avenger 220 without any second thought.

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