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  • Q. Is there any starting problem in winter or monsoon as I know Jawa as FI engine. Only self option - 42 - 42 - 42?
    Mudara | 8 months ago

    I am.using 42 from october 2019, it has starting problem.. Couple of times it stopped starting even after riding some kms and while restarting..I don't understand it's battery problem or some other

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  • Q. Planning to sell my one year old classic 500 to buy the jawa. Royal enfield quality is seriously poor got lot of maintainance issues and i use for daily work commute. Considering it makes bhp like C500 and torque is like C350. Will it be a good choice to get a Jawa after using C500? And also service centres and spares cost are concern for the jawa. - 42 - 42 - 42?
    Om | 8 months ago

    Well Re buyer are vintage lovers nobody cares for performance and you don't had a options earlier. Jawa is a vintage looking modern performer bike. Re don't have bad reputation in maintenance, I don't know location you are using your re maybe it's your dealer issue. Jawa are expanding and but at least no complaints on engine and performance.

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  • Q. Why engine light is blinking in my speedometer - 42 - 42?
    Om | 5 months ago

    Contact service center

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    • 3.8

      Performance is good but not upto the mark for the price we pay for the bike.I was among frist few costumers to get the bike delivers in early phase of delivery.Had lamda sensor issue.Head gasket oil leakage issue.Valve tappet noise(replaced tomeing chain) still it's makeing noise.

    • 3.8

      As me it's a wonderful bike and yet i want to know more about the bike i will be a new rider of jawa

    • 3.0

      Bike is pretty much good for its power and handling.Ground clearance, Fogging on meter, Oil leakage, Clutch problem, Bad wheel alignment and bad after service makes things worse.My usage was very low still i faced all the problems above trying to figure out what to do next.

    • 4.2

      Good for both cruising and city ride, Comfort and braking are best, Ground clearance only disappointed.

    • 4.6

      I hve enjoyed a lot with my bike I love dis bike since my childhood cuz my dad was to drive to his office . especially the power it having 🔥 the legend came back to me ☺️ baap baap hota hai

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    • 5.0

      After launching there bikes after so long, jawa have still maintained there old school charm. Highely satisfied with the performance , pickup , handling , looks , design , exhust node , tyre size , capability of bike. It's so attention grabing thing, when ever I bring it on roads people starts following it to watch, many many lod people ask about bike, they say is it that old yedzi company's bike? Abhi bhi isme gear aur kick ek saath hai? Bahut badhiya hai ye to , kitne ki li? , and alot more.... I have lots of stories related to that bike which happens.....when you ride it , it feels like a nimbulled , well designed, a balanced design of colur of bike in many parts , with chrome along with matt black colour, and a very powerful , muscled , compact , powerful , machine. The amount of of power and torque delivers it engine in just 293 cc is really really amazing , more than 27 bhp of power in just 293 cc of engine is still is still so far from aal old and new rivals of this category. Highely satisfied with the bike, highely recommended, before buying any other bike must take a test ride of jawa, you will going to amazed.🤩

    • 3.4

      Around 24 years ago i owned old jawa and rode it for thousands of km.It will thrill me each and every time i touch the handle bar & pump it to start the engine.The exhaust thump & interval between the next thump cant say in words.Flick & kick is a wonderful experience.I used to get mileage around 30 kmpl to 35 kmpl.Now to coming new jawa.I went test ride new jawa with imaginations & drove more than 210 km i got mileage of 23kmpl.Engine is powerful till 110 km/hr then it straining to climb speed with vibrations & becomes too noisy.The exhaust sound is like hero splendor bike.There are lots welding visually seen around new jawa.They recreated visibly old jawa.Visually good bike.I didn't get moved or ringed & impressed while riding.I never need a bike for visual pleasure.

    • 1.0

      Worst bike, first experience bike ka. Rha. 1600 km normal use me. Engine khul gya oil leakage ,timing chain problem . Sensor. Khrab ho gya. Fuel metre kharab . Metre me fog ,battrey problm. It feels like Purchsed bike just for show piece . Spending more than 2 lakh on this worst bike is useless. They are saying this problem is coming in every bike. I have seen. Almost every bike. Got the same engine problem While servicing.1st time and then 2 and time also . Every single bike there got the engine problem . So from my side jawa is useless . . Comapny jab tk ye isaues ni sahi krti apni bikes ko vapas lena chye. Ise. Bekuf bna ri. Jawa ka name pe. Bike bik ri. Bus. . They have to. Pay for it.

    • 1.4

      Agree with all users, The motorcycle is useless. The cols has cold start problems. The engine runs for 49 seconds without throttle in idle state when I crank the engine in the morning. The engine dies when i chug the accelerator when clutch is used. In traffic also the bike stalls when clutch is fully pressed. The re is an unbearable engine hiss. The seat is very hard. The dealer is an unscrupulous person lacking in infrastructure and the mechanic is untrained. ABSOLUTE WASTE OF MONEY. BUY RE INSTEAD

    • 2.2

      The bike on first hand looks good looking. Style design is good but in a very low quality product. Mine bike battery got drained and needs to be replaced in 4months post purchase. Then came the seat comfort issue which is too hard for long ride. After that in this first rain it starts rusting from its nuts bolts paint and whole suspensions are rusting in 7 months from purchasing the bike. If you have money and just to do show off then purchase this bike.

    All 42 User Reviews

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