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  • Q. I have Splendor Plus BS6 model, purchased 3 months back during lockdown. My bike's engine suddenly stops while runninng; not in a particular situation, it stops when I fully hold the clutch or when shifting gear or when I am in 1st/2nd gear. What may be the problem ? As because this is a FI engine, there is no question arises to tune the bike. Please give me advice.
    The | 4 months ago

    I am facing the same issue. at first i used to think that this may be happening because my bike is cold and i am riding it for the first time in the morning. But this happened when i was out in the traffic and the bike was properly warm. I was in third gear and as i squeezed the clutch lever in and shifted to second and gradually released the clutch in not a swift manner but normal way, the bike stalled and skidded, but as the handle was straight so nothing happened, and i was safe. This is very irritating and not at all safe in the traffic . Very disappointed with this tech or whatever it is. Old splendors never had this issue. What's the point of using these much sensors. My bike has just clocked 228 KMS and these issues are making me regret my purchase. (-_-)

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  • Q. I have one year old Splendor Plus. I want to travel 400 km in one day. Is it possible with this Splendor Plus which is only 97 cc engine.
    Gajendra | 2 years ago

    If I ride for two hours i.e 100 km then takes 30 minutes break ( do off the bike engine) then after 30 minutes again rides for 2 hours (100) then takes 30 minutes rest. This is how I complete my 400 km. Can I use my splendor plus with 97 cc engine.

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  • Q. How many kilometers does the engine of Hero Splendor have to be serviced?
    Sujan | 8 months ago


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    Hero Splendor Plus
    Hero Splendor Plus
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    • 3.4

      I have hero honda spendor pro bike.That what you have not mentioned in your list of old bikes.Bike is good and sitable for me.But i can't maintain ib present petrol price.

    • 5.0

      Good performance bike a good condition for 3 year after than present time good condition and safety full bike a good time

    • 4.6

      Adipolivandi but maya peyumbol oru cheriya missing vere kuyapamilla tank cleenimg chayithu carbaroter cleen chayithu ennetum missing und

    • 5.0

      Super bike for single users 0 maintenance and stylish bike super milelage looking good family members like bike

    • 3.8

      Splendour is good but petrol high price and service and maintenance is lost of money so lost to money

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    • 4.6

      I am using splendor plus since Feb 2004 same was replaced with new one splendor in may 2010 which am using till now. Here I'm sharing my experience with the same.It's very good bike for daily commuters. It's very low maintenance bike and good built quality.If you maintain & drive your bike as per owner manual so need not to major repair work except service for long last.Here is details of parts replacement of my bike just completed 100850 with Regular service at every 2000km...First chainset replaced at 30000km, Second at 58000 km & 3rd is at 92000km...Rear tyre once at 58000km and tube 2-3 times... Timing chain at 82000km...Front tyre not replaced yet only tube replaced once ...Visor & one indicator once.. Rear Brakes 4-5 times & coupling 2 times... front brakes 2 times... Clutch Cable, Breake cable once .So I would like to say thanks to #Hero Honda (now heromotocorp) for good build quality.

    • 5.0

      Everyone is telling splendor plus is a middle class bike at the same time a lot of rich peoples are still using splendor plus because it is an emotions for real bike lover's ( king of 90s bikes)and till now it is a no haters bike.Splendor plus is an amazing bike with smooth engine performance and its special edition black colour is very attractive.Bike mileage is superb.I am getting 65 - 70 km mileage with 55 - 60 km speed.If your budget is low or if you want a good bike under 70000 don't think too much go and buy splendor plus it will give you 100 percent satisfaction.No need too much money for service and its maintainence cost is low.Hero is always a hero.

    • 3.4

      Hero was change the brake system of hero splendor Plus drum brakes to disc brakes for improve stopping power, digital instrumental console for better information like trip meter, gear shift indicaton,abs and increase the rear tyre size to 100/90 to improve the girp while turning in curvy road, change the fuel tank cap for easy opening.change the lighting system halogen to led, harzad flasher when riding in rainy condition. So overall hero splendor Plus is a practical commute in city traffic and touring ,it is affordable bike for middle class family .

    • 5.0

      Nowadays every young age boy loves to ride a bike, When we are at a teenage or in school having a bike is our first dream.I always had a discussion with my friends in my childhood about which bike i love the most.After growing up when we have our own personal bike it’s like a dream come true.Riding a bike in a valley or mountain with friends is one of the great feelings.Having a long drive with your bike make you feel cheerful.If you are depressed or feeling lonely, Believe me, Take your bike with you and go for a long drive.

    • 4.2

      When i fill 1 or 1.5 litter petrol i think my bike gives 50 aprx.Millage but when i fill 3+ litr.Fuel it gives more than 55 millage.The headlight is very low if there is no streetlights you should drive safely.I am using bs4 engine bike so it takes a bit time to start in cold or i sometime i have to use choke to start.Other than i love my bike i have drove over than 300+ km in a single day after taking 1 or 2 hr rest in every 100-120 km.No complaints.

    All Splendor Plus User Reviews

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