• Q. What is the yearly maintenance cost of bullet 350?

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    BHOLENATH | 2 months ago

    It depends upon you if you are going bike as a family member then it may cost approxly 5-6 k only..... about daily running kilometers... is it old or new bike everything depends upon you how you treat that bike

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    Nimaay | 1 month ago

    Depends on your driving style. If you drive it like a bullet it will be cool but if you try to drive it like a ktm than be ready to open your wallet and make it upside down. Mine is anywhere around 5-6 k.

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    Shyam | 1 month ago

    I am just a daily regular commuter, I am from Chennai, for me it cost 1.5 k to 2.5 k depending upon the consumable and spare parts replacements. Maintenance frequency for every 6 months.

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    Abhinav | 8 months ago

    It totally depends upon your driving, for me its around 4000 Rs for every 3 months including service from authorized service center and including the wear & tear cost of the vehicle. On an average i am riding around 20 to 30 KMS a day. I hope this will help.

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    Uppiliappan | 9 months ago

    Service is every 10000 km . Maximum of Rs.2500 only. The company offers of warranty upto 40000 km and it can be extended later on. So expect consumable parts like Brake pad , Clutch , Bulbs , Tyres . Rest can be claimed in warranty .

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    Debjit | 2 months ago

    If you go for the AMC scheme it should be around Rs.9,000.00. If the bike is more than 3 years this might shoot up to Rs.12,000.00

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    Nagarjuna | 4 months ago

    For every 3month or 10000 KMS should change Engine oil, Engine Oil + Filer 950/-, chain spray 3bottles each 500, brakes only once in year end 1000 total maintenance price for one year is around 7000.00

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    Mayank | 4 months ago

    Its maintenance cost is approx 1000-1500 every 3 months son an average atmost it will cost you 6000- 9000 for a year depending on your riding style and how you take care of your bike.

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    Mangesh | 4 days ago

    It depends on your use if you are using ocassionally than it will be around 5k/PerYear

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    Mayank | 5 months ago

    If you do it by yourself then it will cost ₹600 - ₹1000And if you go to service centre then it will cost you ₹1200 minimum.

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