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  • Q. Which offers better mileage Scooty Pep or Wego?
    Mohan | 5 months ago

    Both similar pep with few km more as it has a smaller engine but wego is 110cc and with better pickup and stability

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  • Q. How is the vehicle Mileage and maintenance - Wego?
    Sumit | 1 year ago

    Between 45 to 50 kmpl overall mileage and maintenance cost is very low. Only servicings are needed and sometimes brake pad change needed else this vehicle is best. 5.2 years of our experience has been very good. After an year or 1.6 years its performance decreases but its very normal for all scooty kind of vehicles.

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  • Q. Do anyone explain performance of brake in Wego?
    Rohan | 9 months ago

    Brakes are ok.A little hestiation for a moment then suddenly grasps.Get another scooter.Scooter is really good but its suspension is very stiff.I have severe back pains due to the suspension and im only 19.City uses wont be a problem.A little bit of bad road can hurt your back.

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  • Q. I am confused between TVS Wego and Honda Aviator. Has Aviator metal body. Kindly help me to make a choice. I will use for daily commute of 20kms. Which would be better?
    Zigwheels | 8 months ago

    If you are looking for a scooter with more features, better mileage, great comfort and better suspension setup, you can go for the Honda Aviator. Honda engines are also reliable and have a very low maintenance cost. The TVS Wego is only available in one variant whereas the Honda Aviator gets 3 variants.However, we would suggest you take a test ride of both the scooters so that you may get a great idea regarding the comfort, features and ride quality of both the scooters.Click here for the comparison: https://www.zigwheels.com/bike-comparison/honda-aviator-vs-tvs-wego Click here for the dealership: https://www.zigwheels.com/bikes/dealers

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  • Q. What are the cons of TVS Wego 2017 after long term use? & What advantages does Jupiter 2017 has over Wego?
    Ag | 1 year ago

    Cons you might see is there is ratteling sound in wego near exhaust. Where as wego is nimble combared to jupiter but jupiter give you a good comfort ride and slightly bigger boot box but in jupiter there is no digital readings where as wego has here the points goes to wego , you must try both scooters before buying it svery one has every taste

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  • Q. How is the performance of TVS Wego?
    Martin | 2 months ago

    Dissappointing perfomance......

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    TVS Wego Mileage & Performance FAQs

    Q. What is the mileage of TVS Wego in City?
    A. The TVS Wego gives a mileage of 42.8 kmpl in city.
    Q. What is the mileage of TVS Wego in Highways?
    A. The TVS Wego gives a mileage of 43.3 kmpl on highways.
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