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  • Q. Which one is better Jupiter or Activa 5G in terms of mileage, comfort, maintenance and value for money?
    Kamran | 1 month ago

    Jupiter is All over is the winner of All the Criteria you put it in ..as of it's best milage in real world i got was 50 kmpl, It's suspensions are far more better than any of the same scooter in its class and it's combined with 12" tyres which helps alot like seriously Alot on bad or straight roads making Jupiter's Handling Very Easy and Stress free comparing to what Activa Offers, Maintaining a Jupiter or Activa is some how very same with minor differences still After free services go for a Local but Experienced Mechanic cuz then you can have your Scooter serviced before your very eyes and Value for money is Jupiter according to me ..i reasearched every aspect and took test drives bak to back and lastly Jupiter was my choice over the No1. Selling Scooter in India.

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  • Q. Which one should i buy jupiter zx or tvs ntorq .please answer in terms of mileage and feature .
    Legend | 2 months ago

    Jupiter zx.Bcs it gives good mileage & performance & engine smoothness is bettter.Even if N torq has full digital meter its price is high & mileage is less & sound is weird,& I don't even think its much stylish.

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  • Q. What is the mileage of Jupiter and Jupiter Grande?
    Asif | 2 months ago

    @ Suhas | Near about 40-43 kmpl . but if u drive sensibly u will get moreI drive harshly always

    I'm a Jupiter's owner.The mileage of Jupiter is less than 25/kpl

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  • Q. I am planning to buy a scooter so please suggest me which is the best scooter in terms of performance, mileage and looks?
    Sunil | 8 months ago

    माइलेज तो सभी स्कूटर का लगभग एक जैसा ही है लकिन TVS jupiter की लुक ओर स्कूटर से अच्छी है ओर फीचर तो है ही

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  • Q. Need a stylish scooter for city ride with good mileage and low maintenance cost with good after sales service.
    Shashank | 8 months ago

    Jupiter is best in allThe only issue is service centers, Ghatiya local garages are more better than

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  • Q. My daily drive is 50 Km. I am using Activa old, looking for best scooter for 6 feet person in terms of millage, drive quality and maintenance? Please suggest. - Jupiter?
    CAUSAL | 1 year ago

    Tvs ntorq is the best in class (125cc) scooter in the market with best ride quality, and loads of features in it and i mean it. It has a center weight equalization of engine which can be more relaxing in long commute to work. It is also the best looking in the segment. Milage is on the mid range Then comes the Suzuki burgman/access as they both are 125cc and are one of the best in market, the burgman is the smaller variant of bigger burgman 650 (not available in indian market). This both are good for long daily commute but you should prefer burgman because it is marketed as tourer and has some more practical features for long commute like more storage compartments and bigger leg space. It also have many of the features like ntorq. Burgman uses same access engine so you get the assurence of good quality in your hand. Milage will be decent Then there is honda grazia, another 125cc scooter Which is as always reliable in any conditions. Milage will be decent. Aprilia sr 125, the only Italian in the segment. You can choose this if you don't care about many features. But it has a good ride quality though And then there is also hero maestro 125 if you want it, although not suggested These were the 125cc segment scooter now if you prefer 100cc scooter then you can opt any one as they are pretty much the same but still go for honda or tvs as they will give you quality and will last long. My suggestion will be Suzuki burgman then ntorq then grazia and then access.

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    TVS Jupiter Mileage & Performance FAQs

    Q. What is the mileage of TVS Jupiter in City?
    A. The TVS Jupiter gives a mileage of 60.44 Kmpl in city.
    Q. What is the mileage of TVS Jupiter in Highways?
    A. The TVS Jupiter gives a mileage of 66.7 kmpl on highways.
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