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  • Q. Which is good SF 155, Hornet 160, FZ V3 in terms of performance, Speed, looks and maintenance also for weekend long ride and city use to.
    Zigwheels | 3 weeks ago

    Among the lot, Honda CB Hornet 160R could be a better option for you as the bike is powered by a 162.71 cc engine that generates 15.09 PS of power with a decent claimed fuel efficiency of 42.85 km/l in the city and 52 km/l on highways. The claimed top sped of the Hornet 160R is 115 km/h. The naked-sports look and comfortable seating stance makes it a good commuter within the city and occasional long trips. Follow the link for more updates.

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    No | 2 weeks ago

    If you want performance r15 v3 is best option available in the market. If you want mixed package go for dixxer sf.If you oftenly do rides with pillion and want a fully faired bike then no doubt its the gixxer sf anyday.. As i am using it now and my mom can sit comfortably as a pillion.

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  • Q. Confused between Gixxer SF, Apache RTR 200 or Pulsar NS200. I am also a bit concerned about mileage.
    Zigwheels | 4 days ago

    If you are looking for a bike with more city usage then the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition 2.0 would be a good option whereas, if you want occasional highway rides then the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is a better companion. The claimed mileage of Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition 2.0 is 46.9 km/l and that of Pulsar NS200 is 36.1 km/l. Moreover, do take a test drive of the bikes for a better understanding. Follow the link for New Bike Showrooms.

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    Aftab | 4 days ago


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  • Q. I was stuck between Gixxer 155 SF and XPluse 200? which is better in terms of quality, mileage? I know the difference but I need know which bike is value for money?
    Rijo | 3 days ago

    @ No | I will go for gixxer sf because of its looks and Japanese technology.

    Xpulse is a off-road oriented bikeso it depends on your preference

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    No | 1 week ago

    I will go for gixxer sf because of its looks and Japanese technology.

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  • Q. I am confused between NS200, R15 V3, FZ V3 and new Gixxer SF 150cc version. Which one I should pick? I like faired bikes more and I will be travelling 40-50 km on highways twice in a week. It needs to have good mileage and comfortable riding along with low maintenance and great build quality.
    Suryansh | 1 month ago

    I think gixxer 150 cc or musics 250 CC is much better for you for on highways

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    Ashutosh | 1 month ago

    Isme sochna kya h chup chap r15 lelo

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  • Q. I have 3 choices. Gixxer SF150, R15 V3, Pulsar RS200. My priorities are stability, handling, comfort and mileage. Which one should I buy? All of the three cost almost the same.
    Zigwheels | 4 days ago

    Suzuki Gixxer SF could be a good option if you are looking for a daily commuter with good handling, stability, comfort and decent mileage figures. Moreover, if you are looking for a more powerful bike, then the Pulsar RS200 beats it in comfort aspect. For more check out the first ride review of Suzuki Gixxer SF.

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  • Q. I want a well performer bike which delivers a good mileage and also comfortable for the pillion rider. Which bike should I go for? Which one will be better between Apache 160 4v and Gixxer 155 SF?
    Zigwheels | 1 week ago

    Among the two options, we'd recommend opting for TVS Apache RTR 160 4V as the 159.7 cc offers 16.8 PS of maximum power with a claimed fuel efficiency of 60 km/l. Moreover, RTR 160 4V is available with 6 variants and 3 colours options to choose from. Do take a test ride of the vehicle for a better perspective. Follow the link for New Bike Showrooms.

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  • Q. 2019 Gixxer 150 or FZ S V3.0? Which is better and why? I'm a student, want budget friendly and bike for city travel with good average.
    No | 3 weeks ago

    Go for gixxer it looks better in all aspects if we compare to fz z v3. And its a head turner trust me.. I meet lot of people every day asking me about my bike and it makes me feel awesome...... Engine performance is also good as you know Japanese tech. So go for gixxer...

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  • Q. Which bike is best in mileage, looks and engine, Yamaha FZ v3 or Suzuki Gixxer SF 155 2019 model?
    Zigwheels | 2 weeks ago

    In terms of better ergonomics, amazing mileage and an aggressive riding position, it is recommended to go for the Suzuki Gixxer 155 SF. Moreover, we would suggest you to visit the nearest authorized dealership so that you may evaluate both the bikes on the basis of performance, comfort and ride quality.

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  • Q. Which bike to buy Gixxer SF, Pulsar 220F or RE Classic 350 main thing is an looking mileage and maintenance.
    Syed | 1 month ago

    Obviously i will go with gixxer because i loved its premier version and i love it

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  • Q. Suzuki Gixxer SF 150 vs Yamaha FZ S V3.0 which is one better for day to day usage in heavy traffic in terms of performance, ride comfort, quality and mileage?
    Syed | 1 month ago

    Gixxer sf 150

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