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  • Q. I recently bought an Interceptor 650, I just want to know the best time to change the gear so that I can save fuel and increase its mileage?
    Uppiliappan | 8 months ago

    Correct speed correct gear. 1 gear for initial movement . 2nd gear till 20 kmph , 3rd gear till 40 kmph , 4th gear till 60 kmph , 5th gear 70 kmph - 80 kmph , 6th gear above 80 kmph - ? . For fuel saving we have to monitor 1.Air pressure , Front 32 psi , Rear 36 psi ,2.Every 1000 km engine oil should be topped up in INT 650 .3.In signals engine should to shut down. 4. Important Every 200 km - 250 km chain lubricant should be applied if needed it should be cleaned (Must). 5.Wash the oil cooler every week . 5.Ensure the disk brake clearance every day (Manually). 6. Park the bike in shadow. Have a safe ride.

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  • Q. I booked Interceptor 650 BS6 recently. I am 5feet 11 inches is it suitable for me, I got tempted with 4 reasons, no vibration, every 10k kilometres service, totally iron body and superb race machine with retro attire. Suggest me I have to go for it any other options in that price bracket?
    Uppiliappan | 2 months ago

    You have a perfect height to handle INT 650. Then mileage around 27 KMPL & 210 Kg weight should not bother you. Plus front suspension & Rear ABS area below average. The best part is powerful engine mounted in a average built quality bike. Look wise great retro look. One thing you will forget all flaws when you ride it. May be in BS 6 all these issue should have been addressed by RE. No bike available in that price bracket. Most important it is not a zero vibration bike. You can feel vibration in side tank , Foot pegs.

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  • Q. Tell me whether power petrol will give more mileage in Interceptor 650?
    Zigwheels | 3 months ago

    The power-petrol removes the deposit of intake valves and fuel injectors. It ensures optimum combustion of fuel in the engine, thereby it enhances the fuel economy. For further assistance, we would suggest you walk into the nearest service centres as they will be better people to assist you. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest service centres and selecting your city accordingly - Service centre.

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  • Q. Do you own RE Interceptor? I am planning to buy one this year, I will be taking it for long ride , is it comfortable for touring? what mileage it gives on highways?
    Uppiliappan | 7 months ago

    Yes i have INT 650 . I have driven maximum 280 km in a day around neighboring towns. I did feel any strain at end of the day.Still i have not toured in my INT 650 . Next month i am planning 5 day tour to Kerala. Mileage in town driving i get 25 KMPL. In highways till 80 KM/HR i get 28 KMPL - 30 KMPL. If you burst the throttle crossing 100 KM/HR then the mileage will be 20 KMPL - 22 KMPL. I have clocked 5500 km in my INT 650.

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  • Q. I like Interceptor a lot. I travel by bike daily. What about its mileage? Whether the parts are available easily?
    Anirban | 6 months ago

    See basically its a 650cc modern classic, we cant compare it with any 150-250cc commuters. I ll say you should not look at it as your daily commuter if mileage is your only concern. Rest if you want the thrill of riding its unbeatable at this price point. I frankly never have calculated the mileage but mostly it wont be more than 18-20kmpl.

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  • Q. I want to know exact mileage of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, Is it 15 to 20 Or 25 to 26?
    Uppiliappan | 4 days ago

    In town 22- 24 KMPL , Highways till 100 KM/HR 29 KMPL. - 32 KMPL . Quick acceleration, short bursts, Frequent braking, within town then 16 - 18 KMPL.Highways till 120 KM/HR 22 KMPL. - 24 KMPL

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    Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Mileage & Performance FAQs

    Q. What is the mileage of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 in City?
    A. The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 gives a mileage of 15 kmpl in city.
    Q. What is the mileage of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 in Highways?
    A. The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 gives a mileage of 18 kmpl on highways.
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