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Royal Enfield Bullet 350

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    Shyam | 7 months ago

    I am 100 % sure definitely your mileage will get affected if you are looking for high beat note Exhaust (not a silencer) and its going to drain your wallet (note: there no improvement in pickup either so disappointing). only stock silencer can provide you a better mileage. If you are looking for fancy sound that sounds like dominating the road then get ready to loose some engine pulling capacity, eventually this lead to tuning your engine, here\\\'s the hardest part in default factory engine tuning setting with modified exhaust its a disaster in your mileage, due to drop in pulling power of engine on installing modified exhaust note you have to choose for acceleration tuning setting with modified exhaust is like burning your money that would aprox 25 kmpl. your decide up on your suitable budget.

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  • Q. Actually question is not only 4 bullet 350. First, I am 6 feet with 94Kg. My priorities are Comfort, maintenance, mileage and performance. I have to drive 40-50km daily, plus long drive once in every month. As per my requirements and physique, please give me suggestions which bike may suit to me from following bikes Bullet 350, Bullet 350 ES, Classic 350, CB Shine and Honda Saluto?
    Debjit | 8 months ago

    No bike is designed for 6 footers. If you go for bullet get the ones with uncut seats like the standard models, there you will have the option of pushing back to adjust your posture. Otherwise go for the cruisers where you spread your legs forward like Harley or Triumph.

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  • Q. Which is the most economic version of RE Bullet for the use in Kerala?
    Abhirath | 1 year ago

    Brother the most economical bike in 350cc segment to ride between 40-60 kmph would be royal enfeild 350 electra or royal enfeild 350 classic. That would give you the best mileage while you are commuting in the city.

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