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  • Q. Which 350CC model is best for good average and low maintainance?
    Abhishek | 9 months ago

    In the mind of people as a bullet 350, the first picture is made of classic, which is beautiful to watch but if overall is spoken, then standard Electra and Thunderbird, after three, comes to the classic fourth number in my choice !! 1. If you like comfort too much and you can compromise some mileage then you should take Thunderbird! 2. If you need a good mileage 350cc solid bike with comfort, then you should prefer Electra! It has its own pleasure to sit on it, the person who is sitting behind gets the same comfort as the runner! 3. Thunderbird and Electra, the standard model comes in third place, which is a great option, for the driver, it also meets Electra and Thunderworld. In this, the single seat gives the best comfort to the person sitting behind!And it's heavy engine gives you a solid feeling 4. Classic is beautiful to look at, everything else will give you sadness !!

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  • Q. Actually question is not only 4 bullet 350. First, I am 6 feet with 94Kg. My priorities are Comfort, maintenance, mileage and performance. I have to drive 40-50km daily, plus long drive once in every month. As per my requirements and physique, please give me suggestions which bike may suit to me from following bikes Bullet 350, Bullet 350 ES, Classic 350, CB Shine and Honda Saluto?
    Debjit | 5 months ago

    No bike is designed for 6 footers. If you go for bullet get the ones with uncut seats like the standard models, there you will have the option of pushing back to adjust your posture. Otherwise go for the cruisers where you spread your legs forward like Harley or Triumph.

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  • Q. Please provide me with some ideas to increase the milage of my RE standard 350 - Bullet 350?
    Nithin | 11 months ago

    Regular vehicle maintainance and air pressure check to be done. Use quality fuel like Shell.4 yrs done and my electra still gives a decent 35-40kmpl

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  • Q. Which is the most economic version of RE Bullet for the use in Kerala?
    Abhirath | 10 months ago

    Brother the most economical bike in 350cc segment to ride between 40-60 kmph would be royal enfeild 350 electra or royal enfeild 350 classic. That would give you the best mileage while you are commuting in the city.

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  • Q. I have purchased new Electra 350, I got fuel tank full, after 120 km, it got to reserve, is that any problem? Engine so much heat, - Bullet 350?
    Arijit | 10 months ago

    Not possible,new bike may less in mileage,but not too less,I got 25 to 30 but after 1st service at around 32 to 35 in city,though engine heating is common but check for carburator tunning as well as brakes,and don't full tank your bike,in royal enfield showroom I was strictly adviced not to full the tank.

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  • Q. I want mileage and look for real bullet .
    Uppiliappan | 1 year ago

    Mr.Sourav, Mileage of 350 Classic , 350 Standard , 350 Electra (Between 40-45 km/liter). I cant understand of real look. Then standard 350 has the original look. But mileage can go down to (Between 30-35km/liter) in rough riding conditions. Poor maintenance , Incorrect air pressure Etc,Changing the silencer / Exhaust .

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