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  • Q. Which bike has the best mileage graphics, maintenance and features SP125 or glamour 125 or pulsar 125?
    Jeevaratnam | 9 months ago

    Sp125 mileage, maintenance Best sp125

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  • Q. I have to buy bike, I like Glamour Fi IBS it is good look and fit to ride but some one suggest to buy Honda Shine. I am confused I want to know which one will be good mileage, low maintenance and long lasting.
    Aks | 6 months ago

    Honda shine bcoz new glamour model have many issues...self start prblm...I bought new glamour model bt that is not success bike

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  • Q. How is the performance and mileage of Glamour FI in city?
    | 4 months ago

    Mileage depends on a lot of things. And to get the best mileage, a tonne of protocols need to be followed. I get between 50-60 but if too much traffic then 40. To get best mileage follow the points:-1. Dont accelerate too hard in one go. Always accelerate smoothly and gradually increase speed with gear.2. Keep riding in economy i.e. 30-50 kmph3. Try to ride at higher gears. Lower gears create drag which burns fuel.4. Try to maintain a constant speed which totally depends on traffic.5. Turn off engine at crossings with time more than 17 secs.6. Avoid braking too hard and using too much clutch. Braking hard means excessive use of accelerator which burns fuel. And if u accelerate say at 50 kmph and brake everytime to stop after every few secs, you're burning extra fuel. Whereas if u ride at 30 kmph, you will avoid that braking.7. Change Engine Oil at regular intervals.8. Keep tyre inflated to recommended pressure. Low tyre pressure results in less mileage.9. Dont revv too much.10. Try mixing power/speed fuel with normal fuel. 1/3rd speed and 2/3rd normal fuel.11. Apply chain lube to bike chain atleast once every 3 months. Every month if using bike at tough terrains. Even after so many steps mileage can be affected by a lot of external factors like high traffic

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    • 5.0

      nice model good mylej super bike

    • 5.0

      Very good bike for long toor in one side 150 km up down 300km very comfortable.Old malai thank you hero.

    • 5.0

      Comfortable riding in highway.

    • 1.4

      Don't bye this bike, It have very battery issuee which is insufficient when i asked the hero people they r telling it have so many sensor so that's why it is getting battery issues, It cannot get start softly, Even with kick it takes more shots to get start, And not down gear softly, I strongly recommend not buy the bs6 hero instead bs4 glamour r over very good

    • 4.6

      good for anything bike... just no-nonsense ride... 500 kms covered in one day and 3000 kms in 9 days... in old days...

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    • 1.0

      This glamour BS6 model bike the worse bike I have ridden till now, As there are lots of issues in this bike right from the first day and no one cares. 1.Engine is getting stopped automatically while the bike is in running and not getting started until we bring it to the neutral mode. 2.In design back brake is linked to the center stand which is getting stuck in this bike and creating a big one headache that the back brake and center stand can't be used. These issues started after one week of purchase and getting this issue repaired is a very hectic job as there is a chance of other parts getting damaged while doing gas welding. 3. The fourth gear is not getting engaged and disengaged properly. 4. Can't hold the bike handle for a longer time as hands are paining after 15 to 20 min of the ride. Difficult to ride the bike for long-distance. The complaint also raised with the company but there is no proper response from the hero motocorp until now. Complaint number: 10860-0920-24.

    • 2.6

      False claimed mileage by Hero Moto Corp. Unnecesary clinking and other sound few days after buying d bike and it remain unsolved till now. The most disapointing thing is its milege. I hv Yamaha R15 v1 that gives 45 milege. Everyday i drive for 15 km and 45 mileage with Yamaha R15 for me was not worth it. So for better mileage and low maintainence cost i bought Hero Glamour and thats something above my all regretes. Other wise its a good bike with no vibration at top speed. I drove this bike upto 110 KM/hr.

    • 3.8

      My bike is Hero Glamour Fi(Fuel Injection). Its mileage is good an it provides about 65-70 km/l in both city and highway. However as it is about 3 years old, I found some problems such as Electric start not working, kick start don not always work etc. As I am a short rider(5.5 feet), so I have been experiencing some back pain issues with this bike, but I do not think that tall riders will experience this kind of back pain issues.

    • 5.0

      On the previous week I have bought hero glamour , it's simply looks stunning and the comfort and long seat for both pillion makes every rides comfortable , the looks and power are well improved and semi digital console looks superb while riding at night , while riding I don't feel it's only a 125 cc bike it's silencer sounds like a 150 cc bike and engine smoothness is very nice , I fall in love with hero glamour bs6 💗

    • 5.0

      Great and fabulous bike of other bikes and style are great this bike is a absloutle great and this bike mileage is normale bike compete this isxyvdjudjhkxduhdyhxn hbu cgbh CNN CX h cu cu ng xd I f j. GBJ GGG. JC jncgb cgghbb gyb m cvzebsqfb hu cg kmnkocxrv. Gicssfg. Fb jivdthhbbvvib xsfvbu. Jbuxrbuvd. Yvcynkdshn. This ycbnkfd jnxyubc uh nuyjugdhivcty. Ghbfgdpocdyb vjivdgbbjhr. Bnouihvfixjjn

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