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  • Q. I am looking for mileage, look, comfort and sometimes long drive. Please suggest me among Pulsar 220f or Tvs Apache RTR 200.
    | 4 months ago

    I've yoused both my height is 5.4 220 is is better from rtr

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  • Q. Which is best between Pulsar NS160, Pulsar 220 F and Duke 125 in terms of mileage and on road price?
    Chandramani | 2 years ago

    220F is best but price is high. And NS160 is the best bike compare to other bikes in range of NS160 price. If you follow the rpm of bike in new condition, after first servicing it can give you 40 to 42 kmpl mileage. And about Duke 125 I have no any idea because I never drive duke125.

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  • Q. Which bike is better to buy right now, I need mileage, look, performance Pulsar 220F, Pulsar 150, TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, Apache RTR 200 4V?
    D | 1 year ago

    If you compromise with mileage, then Apache RTR 200 4V is best performance, Safety bike and for looks and performance Pulsar 220f is good.

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    Bajaj Pulsar 220 F Overview

    Bajaj Pulsar 220 F
    Bajaj Pulsar 220 F
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    • 4.6

      Good and i feel comfortable while riding from home to office and i like the style of the bike it is fascinating

    • 4.2

      Pulsar 220 is a fantastic bike.A drive in a city like kolkata is pretty irritating but pulsar definitely satisfies the possessors need.So issues regarding the bike but i have every issues regarding its servicing.Most off the service personnel are ignorant about its technology and very often does rubbish during servicing as a result the bike suffers.Bajaj should definitely see this issue before selling the bike.

    • 5.0

      pulsar 220 do not need words for praise.It is itself a praise.Wild the fire color is the best attraction.And it is the best bike in this range.

    • 5.0

      super bike best performance super style

    • 5.0

      My bike give me a mileage of a around 50 maximum 55 in 100 rs.Petrol and that is very good performance bike in city.

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    • 3.8

      Pros: * driving experience is good but not extraordinary and comfort levels are decent.* the best thing i observed in my bs6 2020 model is looks.Looks of the bike is awesome, You would not feel jealous even any other super bike is beside the 220, Because it has legendary looks.Cons: * i am a 220 lover since my childhood, So finally i purchased it in this year but i am not fully satisfied, I don't know whether i get defective one or not, Because of the following reasons i am not fully satisfied.1.When i bought my bike first day i observed the front brake shuddering, And rear brake not effective.2.Engine is over heating even for short distances, And i thought it would be cleared once the first servicing gets done, But even though after first servicing heating is still persist.3.Light is not effective at night times and high beam is also not much useful because it falls at very high level to the road.4.Tyre's are slipping even for small stones and road ups.My riding experience and suggestions: * 220 is always a legendary bike even what ever the cons it has.* it gives decent mileage even it is a 220 cc segment.* i love the pickup and sound of this beast at high rev ups.* if it comes with 6 gear transmission and dual channel abs, And 130/140mm rear tyre, And with led lights, It would be the best bike in the 220cc segment.Thank you, Seshu kolapalli from hyderabad.

    • 4.2

      Oh my Pulsar 220 purchased 2009, I like this bike, used it for almost decade, after 70/75k kilometres engine asked for a bore change, once or twice clutch plates were changed 3 set's of tyres for sure, wiring issue after 5/6 year's it's fine after service, most reliable bike I used so far. final verdict go for it if you're looking for decade old styles but reliable engine, but can't say when production will stop, BAJAJ vehicles are reliable I can say for sure. I won TVS Apache 150 first generation it's a shity self start motor, Honda Activa 1st generation I never liked active so many guy's loves the style of it to me it gives back pain to ride for just 20 kilometres.

    • 4.2

      Hello everyone I have pulsar 220f which is 2018 model , at first I would like to say it was my dream bike...if I talk about pulsar 220f than we can say this is amazing bike yes...good picup,good control,good looking I am riding this bike last 2.5 years I like this bike this is my personal experience if I talk about (-point) than we all know that mileage is very pure because of this bike having 220 cc engine. And after 10,000 km it will start noise near tank area...but don't worry about noise service man will fix it... And service cast is very hair... Other thing is good...keep it up bajaj🔥i can say m satisfied you deserve it

    • 4.2

      Actually it's a Bajaj Pulsar 200 Old model First Generation without Kick Start option. And I love this bike. Although its a bit expensive on my pocket in terms of Mileage and Maintenance cost but, the kind of build quality and sturdiness it has, makes me wanna have it till eternity. Next, lets talk about riding comfort and handling, it is a heavy bike yet glides comfortably through city traffic due to its well balanced body design. It has been 13 years that I have held this bike and it seems to never get old, still runs good. As it has this saying 'You give me Maintenance, I'll give you Ageless Rides till Eternity'

    • 4.2

      I owned Pulsar 220f on 2012 Jan, starting when I bought it gives me 37 kmpl after 1st service mileage increased to 44kmpl, and after 4th Service it gives me 48kmpl in city and 56kmpl in the highway which was calculated mark. There is very minimum maintenance cost as you don"t need coolant, very reasonable parts (brake pads, brake fluid oil, etc).Braking of this bike is not good I can say as compared to R15V2 R15V3, I feel the initial loss of braking bite especially on rear brakes, I"m very disappointed with my rear brake even I tried to fix by Bajaj Service dealer and also Outside local garage but no improvements as I"m expecting.Performance of the bike is best in its class, but after 9000RPM line engine get strains to get higher speed once I clocked 132kmph and still RPM meter left for top speed.I am seeing that Pulsar 220F is holding still in 2019 market with the same craziness among the youngster As I was during 2012.I want to advise To Mr. Rajiv Bajaj (CEO) and their R&D team to improve engine refinement,more bites on braking (focus more on Rear disc brake)should get Lead on Front lights .

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