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  • Q. How about performance and mileage of discover 125?
    Atul | 1 month ago

    Mine don't give great mileage (2005 model). But the technology have changed a lot.I am satisfied with the performance of my discover. Good, reliable bike

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  • Q. Which is better Bajaj Discover 125 or Honda Shine SP. Discover mileage is great but body style not perfect and some year after body are loose. Shine mileage is fewar then discover but all over Shine SP is best.
    Tech | 8 months ago

    Ok Rahul . I will try to clear your doubt as I am a Bajaj discover user . So first of all Bajaj discover provides good features and mileage too . But the body is of very cheap quality , i.e. , that is not for users who use more than 1-2 yr . But on the other hand if we see Honda shine SP , the best part is that all original and genuine parts are available in all bike repair shops . And a good service too . And the bike is also for tough and heavy riders . So shine SP can be the nice choice for you...

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  • Q. Which is better between Hero Glamour and Bajaj Discover in terms of mileage, cost effective and be a bit less?
    Zigwheels | 10 months ago

    The Hero Glamour has finally received the cosmetic and mechanical updates that it always deserved. For a slight premium over the existing model, the new Glamour makes for a great motorcycle to have on your shortlist for a sensible and reasonable commuter. The claimed ARAI mileage for the Hero Glamour petrol is 81 kmpl. On the other hand, Discover 125, it comes across as a strong value proposition as it gets features like LED DRLs and a semi-digital instrument console, which is impressive at this price point. And from a commuter standpoint, it does feel refined and offers a bit more pep to better tackle the city. Not only that, the impressive tractability on offer and the comfort provided over the worst of road conditions allows us to tick all the right boxes for an ideal commuter. The claimed ARAI mileage for the Bajaj Discover 125 petrol is 82 kmpl. Moreover, the selection for the best bike completely depends upon one's choice and preference. Do take the test ride for the bikes in order to judge the ease and comfort offered.

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  • Q. What is real on road mileage - Discover 125?
    Sudharshan | 4 months ago

    As I am writing from one year how got nearly 40-45 mileage in average never buy discover

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  • Q. I have pulsar, but i need one more bike which gives a mileage of 50kmpl and have good acceleration.Please suggest - Discover 125?
    Kaushal | 2 months ago

    Absolutely good choice for DISCOVER 125 for mileage more then 72 on highways but for acceleration you can continue with pulsar or any other bike with more then 200 cc, it would be better for you.

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  • Q. Can anyone tell exact average of Discover 125 and CB Shine rather than average given by company?
    Hormazd | 3 months ago

    I can understand why this answer is important to you. However before I answer, you need to answer one question. Do all riders weigh the same and do they all drive only in 4 the gear all the time ?If your answer to that question is 'NO' then you need to understand that each rider driving the same bike will get differing mileages simply because our riding styles are different and we weigh different.Still to give you a ballpark figure I would say 56 to 60 kms.

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