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  • Q. I am planning to buy Avenger. Not sure whether to choose 220 or 180. I need to decide based upon mileage between the two.
    Freeben | 2 months ago

    Avenger 180 and 150 segment is switch over to 220 and 160 model.I bought 220 avenger its gives 40 KMPL for me.

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  • Q. How is the bike performance & ride quality and what is the average of this bike? Should I buy this bike or not? Please guide. - Avenger Street 220?
    Sagar | 1 year ago

    Performance wise bike is very good. I have had avenger previously. 310rr amazes me with quality and riding . Average is good around 25, though all depends on ur riding style. Definitely a gr8 bike. The price point is also excellent. It's not a everyday bike, since the experience is very addictive u can forget ur work, while u r riding Also keep in mind it's a sports bike, means u cannot get groceries on it. It command and demands attention. A good learning bike if u want to buy bigger bikes in future

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  • Q. I have Apache 160 4V and I am getting millage of 46kmpl with it but it is not comfortable for me. should I buy Avenger 160 Street or 220 Strea? Which one should I choose on basis of comfortable and mileage?
    Dalip | 6 months ago

    The sitting posture on Avenger cruise is more upright you could adjust the position of the Handlebar so that you hands and shoulders are relaxed. The engine is quite powerful for the overtaking in any gear but remember it is a cruise bike not for the race track. Just look after the bike and it will never let you down. I had it for a year and I now have replaced it with Royal Enfield thunderbird to go slow 😊 age is just a figure, not to worry 😊

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  • Q. I am 51 years old. My daily travllaling is 50/60km in city. I have back problems. Which bike should I buy Intruder, Avenger, FZ 25 or Suzuki SF 250?
    Ritesh | 6 months ago

    You are 51 year old so intruder looks does not suits you as well as it build is of plastic which is prone very easily to damages ,while fz sitting position is not for 50km ride yet handling is good and in avenger the comfort is very good handling mileage pickup seat cushion as well as classy look suits the riding of 50kms ,rest of all is your wish and personal requirements

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  • Q. I like Avenger Street 220 but problem is lot of issues arise on its speed mileage meter. and self starter. I am confused to buy or not any suggestions.
    Prasenjit | 6 months ago

    Yes there was some problem with the starter but bajaj changed mine free of cost and the starter is absolutely ok now.There is nothing such as speed mileage meter..only speedometer and that is perfectly ok in my bike. no issues as such....and avenger street 220 has LCD display ...no problem with the speed,fuel or trip meter as well as functional time display

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  • Q. मुझे आवेनजर 220 लेणी हे ,तो इस का मायलेज। आवरेज परफेक्ट बताई ये। कोई बोलता हे 25, 30,कोई बोलता हे 42 ,तो मुझे पक्का बताई ये इस गाडी का मायलेज कित ना हे - Avenger Street 220?
    VJ | 1 year ago

    2nd सर्विस तक अनियमित mileage देती हैं ये सच हैं पर लम्बी दुसरी मे सेट होने पर ये 40तक देती हैं| इसका milage गति पर निर्भर हैं 75तक चलाने पर बेहतर देती हैं

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  • Q. Hi! Suraj, When I met Bajaj showroom person, he told 220 street is only giving almost 30 kmpl. Is that correct? He told that somany customers informed the same to him.
    ABHISHEK | 1 year ago

    Yesterday, on 13 October, I have roden it approx 709 km from Bhopal to Lucknow with three stoppage of 5 minutes each.. An excellent proformence.. Was there.. It was a awesome ride.. Mileage was near to 35.. It is a very good bike for long rides.. it is very much comfortable.. Fabulous..

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  • Q. I am 5.10 inch long and I have to travel total 70km daily 35up and 35 down which bike will be suitable for me budget 1 lakh I am expecting 40kmpl - Avenger Street 220?
    Hardik | 1 day ago

    Avanger gives 40-42 milage in Mumbai traffic but you have set engine power to low to get better milage

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  • Q. What's the original milage in this bike...please tell me anyone... - Avenger Street 220?
    Rajiv | 3 months ago

    Actual milage is 25 to 35 Km/H, depending upon your driving habits and driving environment.

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  • Q. I want to purchase a bike within next 2 weeks. I am confused which bike I should buy. I have 1.20 lakh budget and I want aprox 40+ mileage with good power. Basically I will use it to go for office daily. I will use it for 30 km per day. Please suggest me the good one.
    Bh | 4 months ago

    If you like the riding posture and style of Avenger then you can go for Avenger Street 160 abs now. Or if you are looking for something sportier or naked type bikes, look other options like Gixer apache etc.

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    Q. What is the top speed of Bajaj Avenger Street 220?
    A. The top speed of Bajaj Avenger Street 220 is 118 Kmph.
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