Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 Expert Reviews

2015 Bajaj Avenger Street 220 and Cruise 220 Review

After more than 5 years, the Bajaj Avenger 220 finally gets an update. Is it worth the long wait?

Nov 19, 2015

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  • Q. Sir, which one bike is better between Bajaj Avenger 180 Street and Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise in terms of mileage, looks, performance and comfort?
    Sunil | 1 year ago

    There’s no difference in terms of performance and fuel efficiency if you compare Street 180 and Cruise 220. Both bike fuel efficiency of 40 at the cost of performance.Major difference in Cruise 220 and Street 180 is in their looks. Street, having flat handlebar, has better handling experience in city traffic. On the other hand, Cruise gives better ‘cruiser like’ feel.

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  • Q. Could you please suggest me a best cruise bike(BS-6) as I do go as pillion for long week-end drives and very limited use(max 5 kms/day) within Bangalore city. My preference are Mileage, Comfortable, Style and of-course price(1.2-1.5 Lakhs).These are in my mind(Avenger 220 cruise, Jawa-42, Royal Enfield Classic) but need your expertise/suggestions.
    Sunil | 1 year ago

    Out of 3 Jawa is the best. It gives the best cruising speed compared to C350 and Avenger 220. It has got advanced, liquid cooled & refined engine.Avenger is 1/3 cheaper than both. So if you are tight on budget, go for Avenger.Otherwise Jawa is a better option than Classic 350 any day.Now Benelli also is in the race. If you are in a Metro city, Benelli 400 also a good option. But here also Jawa has got an upper hand.I ride an Avenger 220 street and it is very cheap to maintain. Bajaj service centers are available in any corner of our country. I’ve never felt that I am riding an inferior bike. It gives a mileage of 35–40 kmpl and can ride whole day without getting pain. It never failed till date.

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  • Q. What is the actual real mileage in city and on Highways (Both)? What is the maintenance cost?Can Side box (Dickey) be fitted in Cruise 220?
    Nishant | 2 years ago

    Mileage of 220cc is approx 35 to 40 kmpl. side box can be fitted in cruise 220ccregarding maintenance : 1. need to change chain set after every 20000 km2. brake shoe after every 10000-15000 km3. service after every 2500 - 3000 km4. lubing the chain every 1-2 weekGlass visor cost approx Rs. 2500/- extraThe driving experience is better than any other bike in this price segment. Comfort level is superb (both for driver and passenger). I drive continuously for 400km without any stoppage (although on paper it is more than 500km)

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    Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220
    Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220
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    • I weigh over 100 and 6ft+ height but still this bike please me well.No lags pull through the crowd, I like its mild silent engine compare the bullet bulldog.Dazing chrome finishes and strong fit and finish.Good build quality you can drive n drive in this bike and never get tide until you got to go for nature call.I have been to goa from hyderabad and trust me its awesome.The only cons is not so great mileage- its give around 35 in harsh condiiton and 38 in maintained.Gear pads need constant service like very 5k km.

    • Could have given better digital console (eg: Gixxer) KTM digital console is top notch.Handle can be improved a bit ( both in cruise and street) a single variant was enough but they differentiated because of which street and cruise came into picture .... before it was good only 1 variant ...peace of mind in terms of getting everything bike has to offer ....now for city street and highway cruise ...we Indian love everything under 1 umbrella ...the separation is bit annoying

    • Build quality is average. I have faced so many issues within the 1st year of purchase. 80% of the issues were rectified once I found them after the servicing of the bike. I"ve felt that i made a wrong decision on purchasing this bike. Overall quality is not as good as the recent Pulsars or the Dominar. I love the styling of this bike as its a head turner in Black with the wind shield that gives a big bike feel.

    • I have been riding this bike for more than 8 months and I am very much satisfied by it's comfortable sitting position during long ride. Normally I ride on the hills the power seems to fine even while riding on off roads uphill and downhill but as the bike is long the distance between the tires are more as compared many other bikes which makes the bike skit slightly but in control.Over all I liked it.

    • Avenger Cruise 220 is an affordable cruiser from Bajaj and offers a comfortable ride. The riding stance is very comfortable, upright and handling is quite simple. The road-grip of the vehicle is extra-ordinary and disc-brakes give the safety on this bike extra brownie points.The only downside is the rear-seat, which may get a bit uncomfortable for longer rides because of being too narrow in width.

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