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  • Q. What is the maximum weight limit for the Royal Enfield 500 - Bullet 500?
    Zigwheels | 6 months ago

    There is no specific limit yet shared by the brand, though the bike is extremely comfortable for two riders.

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  • Q. Which bike to buy among Bullet Standard 350 or new Bullet standard 500 with fuel injection as I want to use my bike mostly for touring purpose mostly around 500 kms in weekends
    Shrinidhi | 10 months ago

    Thanks buddy for your reply ... and also if you can help me if any new variant is coming soon in standard 500 or should i buy the current one.

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  • Q. Between Classic and standard bullet, both 500 and 350, which is best for long rides and which has better bending moment, mileage and performance?
    Neel | 1 month ago

    Bullet 500 is the best long distance bike in the enfield stable. Dont go for Classic 500 as it has issues with fuel injection. 350 should only be considered if you cant afford a Bullet 500.

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  • Q. Since Bullet Standard 350 is launched with single channel ABS, I am now confused as to which one to go for - Bullet Standard 350 cc or Bullet Standard 500 cc - considering 500 cc has more safety features? My use is mostly city commute and looking for a bike which is sturdy, reliable and comfortable from the above 2 bikes.
    Rahul | 7 months ago

    That's true .... standard 500 is having more safety features... standard 500 is having a little bit more power and massive torque...rare tire of 500 is also bigger... but vibrations are also on higher side compared to 350 cc....if you are not worried about the vibrations, 500cc is the best choice...and since you have chosen bullet, average won't be the issue for you either way

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  • Q. What about its vibration at 80kmph. Will it be good with respect to pick up and speed if we compare it with Dominar 400 - Bullet 500?
    Faisal | 9 months ago

    Actually many of the related person , told me that vibration is there. So, I wanted to aks basically about vibration, which I can't take it up. Please do reply.

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  • Q. I prefer to do long ride, is Royal Enfield Bullet 500 suitable for me to buy? Can this machine fulfil my purpose?
    Padmakar | 1 month ago

    Yes the bike is superb for long drive,I used the classic 350 of my friend for long drive after that I plan to buy this bike

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  • Q. Which is good to buy between Bullet 500 ABS and Classic 500 stealth black, does it have classic looks. Classic is a killer when it comes to performance and Bullet is superb and no way compared to Classic 350, so I want both power and looks.
    Tameem | 8 months ago

    Go for a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Standard, it's reliable, sturdy, good looking, huge ,comfortable, just manage it's low mileage, rest is fine , not that bad , and go for ABS because of its almost 200 kg weight + the riders weight ,the momentum it creates ,will take a while to stop the bike at 80 + speed , but still it doesn't matter if you are a true blue bullet fan.

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  • Q. Does the vehicle vibrate alot when we exceed 90km/hr ? does it have any issue other than that. would you recommend to get ? please help in this regard. - Bullet 500?
    Sunil | 1 month ago

    It vibrates above 100km/hr and it doesn't have any other issue

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  • Q. How is the mileage? Does it have any problem - Bullet 500?
    Ashwin | 1 year ago

    Hi Bala, Mileage is around 25-30kms in city & highway easily you get above 30 when I ride 90kmph & 35+ on 80kmph. I've been riding the bike for 3 years now, clocked 50k+ kms. Use it primarily for touring & everyday commuting. Mainly if do a check up everytime you leave on a trip ( chain play, brake shoes, oil level, chain lube & spark plug) you are good to go. Pros: 1. Builds confidence in riding. 2. Very strong torque, you get to know this when u ride up a hill with a pillion. The pull is incredibly smooth. 3. You can fix about anything on this motorcycle yourself provided you have the tools handy. 4. Very comfortable seating. Cons: 1. Build quality. 2. Poor Service by authorized outlets. 3. Will not be intimidating to ride.

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    Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Dimension & Space FAQs

    Q. What is the wheel size of Royal Enfield Bullet 500?
    A. The wheel size of Royal Enfield Bullet 500 is Front :-19 inch, Rear :-18 inch.
    Q. What is the tyre size of Royal Enfield Bullet 500?
    A. The tyre size of Royal Enfield Bullet 500 is 90/90-19.
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