• Q. What is the difference between Redditch 350 and classic 350

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    Jaidev | 2 months ago

    All colours are good, which is why choosing one is so agonizing. For me, it was between the Redditch blue, Chestnut and Ash. Ultimately my wife helped me decide, and we bought one in Ash. It is a great motorcycle, regardless of the colour option.

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    Hridayesh | 2 months ago

    Redditch was a factory in England which used to produce bike in 50s.. they just relaunched the bike with The color Redditch factory used to produce. In summary, engine and look is almost same, the difference is in color and seat design

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    Eeswar | 10 months ago

    Bullet 350 is a bit old fashioned bike. You go for it when you want the old beating of the Enfield but classic is for like young people who like the RE bikes most probably and for commuting purpose but bullet 350 you can have a long on. Because i'ts seat gives an amazing comfort and when compared to mileage bullet gives more than classic. Finally it's your taste about taking which bike.

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    Uppiliappan | 1 month ago

    RE STD 350 has ABS , Kick start & Black color only. RE 350 Electra has Self start , ABS & Many color & Chrome . Rest more less same .Go for RE 350 Electra ABS or RE STD 350 ABS.

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    Mahendra | 10 months ago

    Redditch .....nothing more than a eye catching colour from RE. With same engine and power........try a test ride before u ink ur riding future....u can try for the new Java ....stylish ..more fower than re350...hot in the street

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    Muthuraman | 10 months ago

    Redditch is a colour variant of Classic 350 with some minor upgrade to actual built bike. Standard is a different offering variant like Classic 350

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    Subscribers | 6 days ago

    Both are same apart from colors and stickers on tank.

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    Bhagwati | 1 week ago

    Only diff is color variation available in redditch

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    DIVANSHU | 1 month ago

    Redditch is waste and classic is legendary

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    Ashutosh | 1 month ago

    Redditch is not compare with classic 350

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