• Q. What is its maintenance cost - Pulsar NS200?

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    Mehul | 6 months ago

    Service charges are 450 + consumables for services under guarantee after 10000km / 9 months,,,service centers provides package of 1350/year(4services every 3months or 3000 k riding),,,,

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    Deepayan | 1 month ago

    My first service costed me 1100 rupees which includes Bajaj synthetic movil of RS.1010.

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    Sushant | 1 year ago

    Each service costs anywhere between 1000 to 3000 depending on the parts you change until you have some big work to be done like Tyre replacement or sprocket change etc.

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    Chuck | 6 months ago

    I have had mine for 6 months one oil change and one chain adjustment I spent only 250 pesos (5 USD) so fatr and that can be done by yourseld

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    Chuck | 6 months ago

    Depends where you live here in South Philippines Kawasaki service is very reasonable mush better than the bigger Yamaha dealers

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    Nandaditya | 1 month ago

    3 to 5k average service cost

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    Sanath | 7 months ago

    Motul 7100 - 1KService plus consumables - 1K per service (2 services needed assuming 500-700 km / month)Total - 4-5K

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    Chuck | 12 months ago

    Almost zero but I have had my NS only a few months most maintenance you can do yourself so only cost is oil etc.

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    Krishna | 4 months ago

    120****500 paid service cost. Approximately. Then again differs if parts etc being replaced for ex: Air filter etc

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    Parz | 11 months ago

    2000 approx per service. You should have a regular checkup in 3-4 months to get best out of that machine.

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