• Q. What is fuel injection ?

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The RTR Ethanol runs on E85 ethanol that is an oxygenated fuel similar to petrol but made from plant matter. Most petrol engines can be run on ethanol but need revised changes to the fuel system, that allows them to run with the higher air-fuel mixture that ethanol requires. And helping with that change is the twin-spray-twin-port fuel injectors that the RTR Ethanol is equipped with. If we talk about the mileage it will return about 22 to 23 kmpl. As government hasn't initiated ethanol fuel stations so we have to wait for its launch till we get ethanol fuel pumps in the country. New TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi Ethanol Unveiled - https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/new-tvs-apache-rtr-200-fi-ethanol-unveiled/29758/

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    Bishal | 1 month ago

    Fuel injection is a computerised fuel supply system where computer controlled fuel supply system supplies fuel to combustion chamber. It’s efficient and effective as it’s not affected by altitude and proper amount of fuel is being supplied at all time resulting in creation of linear power and smooth riding.

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    Ajay | 19 hours ago

    In fuel injection system petrol supply direct to the engine but don't go for this bz there are no reserv system in this segment. 2ltr petrol you have to store in tank. after that your main petrol will work. and in case that 2 ltr petrol finished then you have to go service center.

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    Joshy | 3 days ago

    Mr Bishal and zig wheel has all your answers..to add more its fuel mixed .with air in an internal combustion engine with help of electronics ..but needs initial high cost ...need to maintain emission norms.. .mileage ...power to mention a few.

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    Kunal | 5 months ago

    There is two type of engines in bike like Fuel injection nd carburettor.Fuel injection is completely new technology nd being adopted by the indian manufacturers these days.Other countries adopted these technologiesMuch early but indian manufactures are adopting now a days. IT is still costly than carburettor model.Benefits- better throttle Response Better fuel efficiency Less maintenance Much better cold starting.

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    Virendra | 1 year ago

    In a carburetor fuel and air are mixed and sucked in by the piston in fuel injection air and fuel are mixed injected directly in the cylinder with force and it is controlled by sensors which decide how much fuel or air is required (computerized) which leads to better milage and pickup

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    Virendra | 1 year ago

    Fuel injection simply means the fuel is not sucked in by the piston it is directly injected by an injector with force it leads to better air and fuel mixture and controlled by sensors (computerized)

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    Narasimha | 1 month ago

    Yes it is available. you can check on https://www.tvsapache.com/rtr-2004v-series.aspx

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    Goutambudha | 2 months ago

    Inhection is a petrol on up system

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