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  • Q. Which colour is best ns...?
    Rahul | 2 days ago

    I prefer new MIRAGE Pearl White

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  • Q. What are the colors available in Bajaj Pulsar NS200 with ABS?
    Tushar | 1 year ago

    There are three colors available in Bajaj Pulsar NS200 - Graphite Black, Mirage White, Wild Red

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  • Q. In white colour ns 200, the colour damages like shading or any colour problem?
    Sushant | 1 year ago

    Don't know dude. Mine is blue black version. But I think if you maintain, like regular washing and polish then the paint won't fade because paint quality is good in Bajaj across all the different bikes. My NS is 2014 model. No paint problems at all. Still shines like new. I even had a discover, 2015 model. Sold it a month back. No paint problem at all. My cousin has CT 100, 2006 model, and the good news is - it has still got a bit of shine left. Don't worry for the paint. If the bike fits in your requirement and budget, just go for it.

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  • Q. Is abs available for red variant in ns200?
    Satyam | 3 months ago

    Yes ABS is available for red variant in NS200

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  • Q. Pulsar ns200 yellow colour released in india?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Nope, Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is available in 3 colours - Graphite Black, Mirage White and Wild Red.

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  • Q. Is yellow colour Bajaj Pulsar NS200 available in Odisha showroom?
    Rupam | 2 months ago

    I think it is available in the Bhubaneswar bajaj showrooms..... You can visit there or get there contact in google..

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  • Q. I want to buy Bajaj Pulsar NS200 RED on EMI, please tell me documents and down-payment details?
    Akshay | 2 months ago

    Its depend on your city & your finance company. In my city its DP is 58000 for bajaj finance. Documents : 2 photos,Blank cheques, Addhar, & your light bill

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  • Q. I am a student, Which one is more stylish between Pulsar NS200 and KTM 125 Duke?
    Vishal | 2 months ago

    The difference in price of both bikes is the answer of your question.Why pay approx 30 thousand extra for only 125 engine when you can add beast in your garage!

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  • Q. Which is having a good look, NS200 or RTR 200?
    Mehul | 6 months ago

    Ns 200 if you love raw beauty

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  • Q. I am confused between Pulsar NS200 , RTR 4V 2.0, fz 25 Someone. plz tell me which one should I buy...?? My priorities are :- 1- looks and style like naked sports, 2-speed and power, 3-good mileage. Can sacrifice on mileage. Budget 1.3 lakhs. Which one ???
    Sushant | 11 months ago

    1. PRICE - Apache and FZ are bit costlier than NS. 2. SPEED AND POWER - NS and FZ are similar with NS winning on the top speed. But Apache loses on this ground. NS is the most powerful of the lot. 3. LOOKS - NS is the oldest of the lot and FZ newest. Apache has the sharpest design. Yet, I find NS and FZ better on design. VERDICT - NS. There is not much difference in the mileage but as you can compromise on that. Let's talk about other aspects. My advice - NS. it's the cheapest of the lot. I am using the bike for three straight yrs yet don't feel bored of the looks. It still looks good to me especially when I wash and polish it. Yet I would say the best looking bike is FZ but it comes with a 20k premium. I have been on the highway many times and you can overtake any truck in any great, it rides smooth as butter until 120 and then little vibrations hee and there come. Of course the real power of the beast comes in once you cross 5k rpm but I did not feel any problem risking in lower range in the city. It is just awesome. And the best part - with little efforts 120 can be maintained even in the uphill roads. But, if you are ready to pay the premium for the better build quality which Yamaha is known for then go for FZ

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    Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Features FAQs

    Q. Does Bajaj Pulsar NS200 have ABS or not?
    A. No. ABS feature is not available on Bajaj Pulsar NS200.
    Q. What are the colours available in Bajaj Pulsar NS200?
    A. Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is available in 3 colours:
    • Wild Red

    • Mirage White

    • Graphite Black

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