Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Images

  • Right Side View of Pulsar NS200
    Right Side View
  • Left Side View of Pulsar NS200
    Left Side View
  • Rear Left View of Pulsar NS200
    Rear Left View
  • Front Right View of Pulsar NS200
    Front Right View
  • Front View of Pulsar NS200
    Front View
  • Rear View of Pulsar NS200
    Rear View
  • Front Left View of Pulsar NS200
    Front Left View
  • Rear Right View of Pulsar NS200
    Rear Right View
  • Head Light of Pulsar NS200
    Head Light
  • Tail Light of Pulsar NS200
    Tail Light
  • Speedometer of Pulsar NS200
  • Fuel tank of Pulsar NS200
    Fuel tank
  • Seat of Pulsar NS200
  • Rear Tyre View of Pulsar NS200
    Rear Tyre View
  • Front Tyre View of Pulsar NS200
    Front Tyre View
  • Front Mudguard & Suspension of Pulsar NS200
    Front Mudguard & Suspension
  • Model Name of Pulsar NS200
    Model Name
  • Indicator Controller of Pulsar NS200
    Indicator Controller
  • Self Starter Button of Pulsar NS200
    Self Starter Button
  • Handle Bar View of Pulsar NS200
    Handle Bar View
  • Front Brake View of Pulsar NS200
    Front Brake View
  • Rear Brake of Pulsar NS200
    Rear Brake

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  • Q. Is Pulsar NS200's old colours discontinued?
    Zigwheels | 11 months ago

    Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is available in 5 different colours - Pewter Grey, Wild Red, Graphite Black, Fiery Yellow, Mirage White. For the availability of specific colour and variant, we'd suggest you to get in touch with the nearest authorized dealership in your city. Check out more, here: Performance Pulsars Receive A Dash Of Colour.

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  • Q. Which colour is best ns...?
    Jarvis | 1 year ago

    Can anybody suggest me with the colours.I am genuinely confused between mitage white and fiery yellow for bajaj pulsar 200 nsPLEASE HELP!

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  • Q. In white colour ns 200, the colour damages like shading or any colour problem?
    Sushant | 3 years ago

    Don't know dude. Mine is blue black version. But I think if you maintain, like regular washing and polish then the paint won't fade because paint quality is good in Bajaj across all the different bikes. My NS is 2014 model. No paint problems at all. Still shines like new. I even had a discover, 2015 model. Sold it a month back. No paint problem at all. My cousin has CT 100, 2006 model, and the good news is - it has still got a bit of shine left. Don't worry for the paint. If the bike fits in your requirement and budget, just go for it.

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    Bajaj Pulsar NS200
    Bajaj Pulsar NS200
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    • Hi everyone !! I own ns200 2017 model (non abs) .Its been 3 year now ... therefore I am the one who can give a proper review of this bike.lets talk about cons first !! Cons: 1 - vibrations !!! This bike is not at all refined u’ll feel vibrations all over the bike ... even pillion footrest vibrates along with pillion seat 😡 2 - bad gearbox!! Gears don’t properly shift , nor it comes in neutral easily and clutch is on harder side . I have seen people buying Yamaha for just gearbox... now after riding Yamaha I realised I made a mistake .3 - not a daily commuter bike - people think rs200 is for sports and ns 200 for streets.... they are wrong ..!! It’s for people who have their college or office out of city , 50-60 kms far !! This bike demands open roads and driving in the city , you will need to constantly change gear again and again which is pain in the ass !!4 - hard seats = trust me u will feel to get off this bike after 45 mins of riding5 - heating = this bike is only good to ride in open roads and in winters , even a 10 min traffic stop will cause this bike to heat , you will feel heat near thighs and feet and I think that underbelly exhaust causes more 10% heat to the bike.if you are riding at high speeds it won’t heat, but in city .... hmm6 - Weight and height = I know a lot of people will find this funny that bike is heavy but trust me it is ... if you parked somewhere lil bit inclined then you will have hard time pulling it . Royal Enfield is 190 kgs but u don’t feel it while riding , in ns 200 u will feel ... and if you are about to fall , u can’t stop cause it’s heavy and This bike is recommended for tall people. These are some of my problems I bought this bike because it looked really good !! and was worth money but trust me people buy Yamaha and Honda and Royal Enfield for a reason, it’s not just the brand name they are expensive for a reason. Take proper test ride before buying this bike and be 100% sure.

    • Hello everyone Ns 200 was my first bike from Bajaj after honda cbr 150r and it wasn't really a good experience Being an Ns200 owner. It's been approx 9 months from now and cons were really high then pros.Pros:1)Very good styling bike in this range,looks really tough and sturdy.2)Best sprinter in this budget.3) Front break feed back is really Awesome and that sharp bite feels good.4)engine is Fast enough to Ride on Mumbai highways.Cons: After my first service (250kmapprox)My clutch got shot other day and which wasn't covered in warranty. And after service center mechanic found clutch got shot because of crank shaft. So finally it was considered as Bajaj's fault then too the bill was about 1.6k and I denied paying.Cons:1) vibrations are on higher side compared with TVS2004v, r15v3. Apache was the smoothest of all.2) seats are very hard for long ride. can feel Bricks after 50 km3)few options for service center as i found in my area it's just 1 and they work in banyan. It was an horrible experience.4)Rpm Needle malfunction sometimes it use to get stuck at 3 on higher speed and 2 at lower speed.5) dipper build was fused with in 2 month..after going through various blog I found out this problems was faced by many ns owners.6) single channel ABS Limit you to push this bike. Dual channel ABS was so much required.

    • Hi everyone this is sanjay. I own an NS 200 ABS 2019 Graphite White Model. I own this bike for 8 months and have done roughly around 5700 kms till now. And to say frankly that this bike is an awesome machine which has all the requirements such as powerful machine with 23.5 bhp engine and aggressive look and eye catching on the roads especially. I have done terrain rides, highway rides, local city rides and its capable of everything. Also has some vibration issues on the lower RPM and that's common on all the sport bikes. Seat cushioning is bit lacking and the bike has a low end lag under 4k rpm once it reaches 6-7k rpm it gets to show its true identity. It's a total beast on 200cc segment. Never faced any heating issues with my bike. I regularly do the maintenance such as 500 kms once cleaning and lubing the chain and water wash once a month. And tightening the chain once every 1000 to 1500 kms. Mileage is bit disappointing but who cares? A we need is the raw power and sufficient torque. If you are looking for a normal commute purpose and a family man i'm not suggesting you this bike. But if you are a person who love to go long drives and raw power i'd definitely say yes for this bike. Just go for it without thinking. Naked Wolves Forever.

    • Hey..so starting with what people usually ask..the mileage..so it gives me around 30 kmpl in city which is quite good for a guy like me who revs every gear to 10 rpm on an average and I'm a very rash rider..besides that the maintenance cost varies as it has never given me any engine issues yet but yeah the spares are hardly available..generally the service bajaj gives you is way worse than you can imagine..specially in Bhubaneswar..then comes the comfort and riding experience..trust me on this..nothing comes near it when we talk about the rider's feel in this range of bike.. I've riden dominar and fz as well because they're naked bikes and I'd rate ns 200 the best..the pickup is something that i like..i mean you can feel the power of the beast when you accelerate it..overall this is something I'm never gonna get over with..the best bike in it's league..just ride it and you'll know why was a man too foolish to write one of the longest review for free!!😂😂

    • Meter console with vide variety of information and style and visibilitySilencer on under leg is a complete logical which improves reduction in noise levelTyresThe tyre length height and width gave bike it's sheer performance. Cornering can be done with enough confidence.Perimeter frames gave bike a rigid strength and sturdy performance.The fuel tank give bike a stunning visual appeal. The braking is best braking from bybre which increases confidence while riding.They must have given an auto off and on and manual always on switch whichThe only set back to the bike is stiff seats and the handle bars even clip on handle bars are rigid and lot of strain given to shoulder of rider. Rest bike is the best of best compared to any bikes in 200 category. USD forks may give more riding comfort but the price may shoot up.Pulsar NS 200 is one best bikes in World for that price. Pulsar bikes has transformed indian youth in sports bike.

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