• Q. What about engine performance - Avenger Street 220?

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    Bhavani | 4 months ago

    I've owned a Pulsar couple of years ago, sold it in 2018 Feb. Within a month I bought the avenger 220. Let me tell you, I underestimated the bikes performance thinking it's not suitable for racing through traffic. I was totally proved wrong when I took the bike for the first time from Chennai to Mahabalipuram. The bike reached top speed of 140kmh and it was quicker than a Pulsar 220. The handling in traffic is beyond godlike. Never underestimate the Power of an Avenger. Bajaj has big surprises this year. Let's hope avenger 400 releases soon. Definitely sell this and buy 400 at any cost.

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    Bhavani | 6 months ago

    Avenger is a very reliable bike and its build and performance is actually pretty awesome surprisingly. I took the bike to top speed of 140kmh which I was amazed. But then digital metres usually have 5-10kmh difference so almost the best cruiser with top notch performance and handling the bike through traffic is godlike

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    DrPruthviraj | 4 months ago

    Street 220 performs really good and satisfactory. But if you compare it to pulsar 220, it may not be too impressive. The same engine is tuned for extra performance in pulsar. Because Avenger is for comfort, and relaxed riding .too much of power may affect the smoothness of ride.

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    Hardik | 6 months ago

    Top speed of avanger is of 125 km it starts vibrating after a speed of 100 if u ride bike for long run on highway at top speed piston may get damaged (this is my personal experience as my bike piston got damaged and had to change it)

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    Alok | 8 months ago

    Engine performance is quiet ok. wouldn't say it's great as such. after 3 months of usage I actually had a feeling of regret. Benelli shut down here and service had an issue, or maybe it was my luck that I had a bad experience.

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    Hardik | 2 months ago

    Not upto mark as per 220 cc

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    Manish | 2 months ago

    Engine is very powerful,

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    Jashan | 6 months ago

    Mid range is good, in traffic initial punch is slow and high end, cruising speed sorry dont expect much

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    HEALTH | 1 month ago

    Magnum opus

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    Sainik | 3 months ago


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